Saturday, October 06, 2007

LinkedIn: Yahia Megahed

Remember the case of the two South Florida students who were detained near a military base in South Carolina after pipe bombs were found in their car?

Gateway Pundit provides us with this fascinating video related directly to the prosecution of the case.

Credit: Fox News Tampa

Unaware of the hidden camera, Yahia Megahed -- the brother of accused terrorist Yousef Megahed -- flashes coded hand signals during a prison visit. Here's Yahia Megahed's public LinkedIn profile:

Part of the summary reads:

...lots of energy, willing to tear down walls, build bridges, light fires and redefine everthing [sic]. Have unparalled [sic] vision and an addiction to success...

Based upon his recent actions, Yahia may not be kidding about the "tearing down walls" and "lighting fires" bit.

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