Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog comment o' the day: Mexifornia

All seven of our regular readers are sure to enjoy this comment from Don Surber's blog; it's one of the most interesting we've seen since the Internet was discovered by Al Gore in 1968.

Commenter Jose Blow responds to another's assertion that "...[Nancy] Pelosi has helped improve America, even if only slightly. She’d do a lot more for this country if Republicans would just get out of the way.”

Well, I live in Southern California. Anybody who wants to see how the Dems have “improved” the state are welcome to come here and check it out for themselves.

We’re overrun with illegals who we’re pelting with giant wads of cash. Our businesses are fleeing like Saddam’s army. Our emergency rooms have either closed or have become like the Department of Motor Vehicles, where you sit for hours among people who speak no English, to be waited on by people who speak broken English.

Our roads are so potholed you’ll actually lose pieces of your car as you bounce and plunge over them. Our law-enforcement officers aren’t allowed to use any level of force against non-Caucasians, or they’ll get suspended or fired before they’re sued.

A huge portion of our work force is on the government payroll, and they’re always clamoring for more benefits, higher salaries, and bigger pensions. Our politicians are as corrupt as oily banana-republic dictators. Our schools produce people who can’t read, write, or think, and who answer every challenge with the shout of “Racism! Gimmie money!”

California is a Third World nanny state. This is what the Dems want for the rest of you. We’re done here. We’re toast. The Golden State is no more. We’ve become Mexifornia, with a few obscenely wealthy oligarchs living in splendid isolation, a dwindling middle class, and a giant writhing mass of poor who’ll never be good for anything except manual labor, breeding, and voting themselves more government handouts.

But that doesn’t mean the rest of you have to go the same way.

Stop the Dems before it’s too late.

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