Sunday, October 28, 2007

'Chang Wu' and the Clintons

I was perusing the comments left on the incredibly popular trailer of Hillary Uncensored and noticed this intriguing tidbit from "Chang Wu:"

I worked for China Intelligence services as a colonel for 21 years and defected to Australia. Bill and Hillary Clinton are secretly receiving millions American dollars from China. China intelligant services in turn will receive milatary and High technoligy secrets from Clinton if elected. Also a promise to walk away from protecting Taiwan and Japan from China domination.They believe in a one world government. China has promised them a very high position. Bill Clinton makes mill...

Real or fake? Conspiracy theorist or satirist? Who knows, but it may be coincidental that Salon recently featured a troubling article that points to the vast amount of money raised by the William J. Clinton Foundation. Unfortunately, Clinton refuses to release the names of his individual donors.

Since leaving office in 2001, the former president has vacuumed in hundreds of millions of dollars for his William J. Clinton Foundation. Though the former president has declined to reveal the identities of his individual donors, public records reviewed by Salon reveal a partial picture of corporate foundations and the foundations of a network of wealthy individuals that have long fueled the Clinton money machine. Some of those same individuals are now among the top fundraisers for Hillary Clinton's campaign

There is no debate that the Clintons have had extremely questionable ties to both China and Dubai.

...[His failure to disclose his individual donors] raises the question of whether Bill Clinton's financial activity, and a partial lack of transparency about it to date, could become a political liability for a Hillary Clinton administration...

Laws designed to minimize real or perceived influence peddling limit the activities of a sitting president. But campaign and election law attorneys say nothing prohibits Bill Clinton from continuing to accept big checks made out to him or his foundation, even if his wife is elected president.

Is Chang Wu real? I don't know. But there's no question that the Clintons have a long and sordid history of contributions from mysterious donors. At a minimum, Chang is a metaphor for the Clintons' ties to China, Loral, Bernard Schwartz, and ICBM guidance technology.

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