Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Did Hillary wiretap political foes?

Sweetness and Light links to an article in The Hill, which documents Hillary's bizarre -- and, so they say, completely illegal -- proclivity for wiretapping political rivals.

[T]wo Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters... [suggest] Clinton listened to a secretly recorded conversation between political opponents.

In their book about Clinton’s rise to power, Her Way, Don Van Natta Jr., an investigative reporter at The New York Times, and Jeff Gerth, who spent 30 years as an investigative reporter at the paper, wrote: “Hillary’s defense activities ranged from the inspirational to the microscopic to the down and dirty. She received memos about the status of various press inquiries; she vetted senior campaign aides; and she listened to a secretly recorded audiotape of a phone conversation of Clinton critics plotting their next attack.

“The tape contained discussions of another woman who might surface with allegations about an affair with Bill,” Gerth and Van Natta wrote in reference to Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton. “Bill’s supporters monitored frequencies used by cell phones, and the tape was made during one of those monitoring sessions...”

Reportedly, Clinton's campaign has not disputed any of the facts reported in the book.

Does it strike anyone else as the height of hypocrisy that Hillary would wiretap political rivals but prevent intelligence agencies from wiretapping terrorists? But maybe that's just me.

Hat tip: My Pet Jawa

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