Thursday, October 25, 2007

Google Trends: Hillary Clinton versus the World

Google Trends is a tool that can rank the popularity of various search terms. For example, I wanted to compare the number of times that folks searched for Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. The results show that Hillary truly is separating herself from B. Hussein Obama (Obama in blue, Hillary in red):

Hillary versus Mitt Romney shows a clear win for the cattle futures trader from Arkansas:

Hillary versus the Devil -- the Devil has had a traditional advantage over the Chappaqua Chipmunk; however, in recent days, Hillary's made quite a run at demon status:

Hillary versus Rush Limbaugh -- Rush makes a startling comeback and edges Hillary in October:

Hillary versus Spiderman -- Spidey kicks the crap out of Puff Mommy:

Finally, when Hillary goes up against American Idol, she gets absolutely destroyed.

I wonder if Simon Cowell ever thought about running for President?

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