Saturday, October 06, 2007

Job Creation Streak: best since 1939

Suitably Flip points us to this stunning graph.

Government statistics show "not only a September payroll increase of 110,000, but it revised the August estimate from a decrease of 4,000 to an increase of 89,000.  At 49 months (assuming future revisions don't reverse September's gains), the [job creation] streak now stands alone as the longest unbroken period of job creation since we started tracking it in 1939."

I blame Bush.

Flip goes on to note Hillary Clinton's ridiculous assertions from two weeks ago: "...speaking at the Women Impacting Public Policy's annual meeting, cherrypicking September's preliminary estimate to suggest the economy is not creating jobs."

We could close this gap, create more employment at a time when our economy desperately needs more employment, and create millions of new jobs that will get us over this, you know, barrier that we're not creating jobs. We lost 4,000 jobs in our economy last month. We're not seeing the job creation.


Another day, another Hillary fabrication.

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