Monday, October 15, 2007

The reasoned and rational thought processes of the left

I happened to notice a few referrals from His Vorpal Sword the other day. HVS is a lefty blog, which -- truth be told -- is a relatively popular site. HVS is fairly well done, albeit suffering from the predictable bouts of BDS (Bush as Alfred E. Neuman? Why, that's rip-roaringly funny and original!).

I like the heart! It's all about love at HVS.

In scanning the blog, I noticed a curt comparison of Graeme Frost -- the young accident victim who was tagged by Democrats to pitch expansion of SCHIP -- with General David Petraeus. HVS asked the question:

I wonder why it is that so many who sputtered with righteous indignation about their perception of a slight to General Petraeus’ character in the MoveOn ad… are the same people attacking a 12-year-old child over the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and saying that he’s “fair game”?

Aside from the obvious flaws in the analogy (e.g., the conservative and centrist blogs I read questioned the choices made by Mommy and Daddy Frost), I saw literally no attacks, that's none on the child. HVS would be hard-pressed to find an example of character assassination on Graeme Frost.

Wondering about the bizarre analogy, I posted the following question:

Is it fair to question why the Frosts have a $50,000 vehicle, a $40,000 vehicle, and a $30,000 vehicle?

As an aside, I believe Graeme Frost has been treated by all with sympathy.

It’s the parents’ odd choices — combined with their ownership of multiple properties and expensive vehicles — that most have questioned.

The Frosts are an odd family indeed to hold up as the examplar for SCHIP.

The respondent -- a Mr. Williams -- offered an incisive, reasoned response that demonstrates a commanding grasp of debate combined with an awesome historical perspective. Think Doris Kearns Goodwin or Will and Ariel Durant:

Mr. Williams responds: F*** you, troll.

Having lost the debate on the particulars (i.e., was the Frost family eligible for SCHIP assistance? YES. WHY do you think he was the “poster child”? Random pick? Dumbass.), Michelle Malkin, the Kewpie Doll From Hell™, proceeds to put up photos of the vehicles in question (BRAND NEW ’showroom’ pictures, which no car ever looks like new, let alone used), THEN comes up with this horse****, which you mindlessly repeat, and use to grafitti MY blog with? (I’ve removed your link, but retained the reference so that folks can find the source of your attempted propaganda disbursal.)

You have no debating point.

BTW: Who gives a f*** WHAT you “believe”? (You probably believe that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church.) The idea that some brainless p**** like you is so f***ed up in the head about making an a** of himself in picking on a severly injured 12-year-old kid — and THEN is so far up his own a** that he has to travel around the ‘net repeating what Malkin gushes out of her orifices — pretty much says it all. You and your ilk made a huge mistake, and rather than admit defeat, you pretend civility and try to come up with another bulls*** “debating” point to muddy the waters.

No: You’re a brainless sadist who gets off on abusing crippled children. That’s the bottom line, and why my response isn’t couched in any “polite” terms. You deserve my boot up your a**, minimally, and no courtesy whatsoever, Monster.

You are not-very-cordially invited to view the subsequent postings — which you’ve conveniently and tellingly ignored, “Lost In A Sea Of Hate” and “The Worst Thing I Could Say” — the latter of which has a nice picture of your goddess, Malkin, that you can masturbate to.

Why didn’t I spike your little ‘turd in the punchbowl’ comment?

Because I wanted my readers to see your “How To Be A Monster And Get Away With It 101″ technique.

First, you do something monstrous: attack a 12-year old, severely injured child (without ever stating your true agenda, which was, if his parents couldn’t afford medical attention he should have DIED), rather than debating the merits of SCHIP.

THEN, when caught being a loathsome a**hole, a nazi-like monster, a crypto-Spartan “Put them on the hill to DIE” f***wit, you PRETEND to be reasonable, and suddenly civil, and EXPECT progressives to buy your line of s***.

I have to hand it to you. Some moron pulled the ‘weepy conservative’ crap on a blog I cross-post, and a resident brain-dead twit APOLOGIZED to him for his having been “censored.” Sometimes, you manage to pull this con off, which is, I suppose, why you repeat it.

But, really, F*** YOU. There has been no civility in this debate from your side for a long time, and whenever you’d like to jump the fence back into Realityland, I’ll be there with a lei to garland you with flowers. In a democracy, reasoned disagreement is a necessity. In your dream of a fascist state, whatever will “catapult the propaganda” is the point: whether monstrous, like attacking a helpless child, or “civil” in pretending that the child DESERVED to be attacked, you are the problem, not the solution.

Now, go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

Whoa! Did I just wander into happy hour at a Tourettes convention?

Perhaps someone could interpret this response for me, but has Mr. Williams mistaken me for a "weepy conservative" who comments on blogs to which he cross-posts? No idea, but -- for the record -- my original post on SCHIP is still available un-edited. Its single reference to Graeme Frost is, "Frost was badly injured an an auto accident and, thanks to SCHIP, was able to recuperate."

Quite an attack. In truth, my post concentrates on two aspects of SCHIP: (a) why the Frost family was chosen for the Democratic address, despite their formidable personal assets and seeming ability to game the system; and (b) why the funding mechanism for expanding SCHIP is levied upon smokers, who are generally more poverty-stricken than non-smokers.

The point being: if the program can't prevent fraud and waste by treating the truly needy, why on Earth would any taxpayer advocate its expansion?

I await your thought-provoking response, Mr. Williams. Ironically, one of Mr. Williams' posts is entitled Lost in a sea of hate. Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

I recommend yoga, Mr. Williams, or breathing exercises. As for inserting a boot into my nether places, well, consider me a poster-boy for Bushitler-Halliburton-Likkud-Neocon-Blackwater, Inc., -- with all that the phrase entails.

p.s., as an aside, my real Al Gore posts include The UN's IPCC Global Warming Bunko Scam, Al Gore's 2nd Annual Carbon Offset Going-out-of-Business Sale, and Is Al Gore's Inconvenient Fiction a $250 Billion Scam?. Read the first or third one if you want the real background on Al Gore, the IPCC, and the carbon offset trading business. Read the second one if you want a snicker.

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