Saturday, October 13, 2007

All you need to know about the Nobel Peace Prize

With Al Gore's triumph in the Nobel competition over Krusty the Clown -- primarily for his incessant marketing of global warming hysteria -- it's worth recalling the nature of the prize itself.

Past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

Yasser Arafat: father of modern terrorism, founder of Black September and Fatah, and murderer of numerous American diplomats and Israeli civilians...

Le Duc Tho, North Vietnamese dictator: progenitor of the boat people, murderer of millions, and supporter of Pol Pot (yes, the "Killing Fields" Pol Pot)...

Jimmy Carter, former US president: friend and supporter of literally every murderous dictator in the world...

Non-winners of the Nobel Peace Prize

Ronald Reagan: the man who freed hundreds of millions from the tyranny of Communism without firing a shot.

Do the math

If my math is right, Gore's panic-stricken calls for dampening the global economy -- in a futile attempt to set Earth's temperature dial -- will surely result in food shortages and continued third-world suffering.

Perhaps the next Nobel Peace Prize should go to a large volcano that remains dormant during the course of a whole year. After all, a single massive volcanic explosion -- along the lines of Krakatoa -- could result in significant climate change.

Credits: EIB for the Al Gore/Nobel image

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