Monday, December 24, 2007

What really happened

As the world's attention turns to the town of Bethlehem, it's worth revisiting the question: what really happened in the Middle East? Why is it so dysfunctional? What prevents people of all religions from living in peace? The highlights of The Terrorism Awareness Project's presentation are worth reviewing.


Don't miss the entire animated presentation at The Terrorism Awareness Project.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking this. I knew most of the truth stated herein but it was refreshing to read it again - all in one place.
pharaohs, caesars, kings, popes, commissars, dictators and other beast's of evil have tried to eliminate the jewish people. They all failed as will the islamist fanatics in palistine and the middle east.
The Jews are G-d's chosen people. a "stiff-necked tribe" He names them but His Chosen nonetheless. those who foolishly strike against them sow the seeds of their own destruction.

btw - no i'm not jewish, just someone who has been blessed with knowing many.

DeclareTruth said...

Thank you for posting the truth. God bless you. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. btw, I'm not Jewish either, but what has been done to God's chosen people is a travesty and God will not let those sins go unpunished. I fear for the USA. We will pay dearly if we do not back up Israel.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

Amazing that hundreds of journalists are covering the Middle East, yet none of them can get the facts straight.

Wabano said...

High time you Jews grow a spine
and expel ALL these vomits from hell!!!

Treat them just like they treated you in the umma and the world will applaud!!!



Anonymous said...

history, huh? right.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you claim that there never was a "Palestinian" state or even any kind of identity that would have identified the word "Palestine" with that ex-Ottoman region.

Then, you show maps that establish were the "Palestinian Mandate" was established. And why did the British call it the Palestinian Mandate? Well, because there never really has existed a country of "Israel."

Israel (and Israelite) identifies an ethnic group. At the time of Herod the Great, the two primary names of "national" identity for this region of the Middle East was Judea and Samaria. Referrals to "Israel" was never about real estate, but instead, encompassed a religio-cultural identity.

And yes, while there are many historic maps going back much more than a thousand years showing that region called "Palestine" (as in Palestinian Mandate), the name of Israel is religiously absent.

Deal with it.


Chkit said...

To DanD:
First off. I am not Jewish but a Canadian Protestant Christian of Eastern European descent. And, no I am not a preacher or missionary either. Having spent some time in Southern Lebanon in the areas controlled by Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc. As well as reading literally thousands of pages of related documents. I base my conclusions on facts without any predetermined biases. My own circle of close friends are from many different religious backgrounds and cultures. I judge them from what's in their hearts and not what they look like or what I read in the main stream media. To find out the truth on anything. It has to be researched independent of the main stream media which is controlled by big business who have their own agenda. It goes deeper than that but I don't have the time that it would take to explain here. You can do your own research. The truth will set you free because right now listening to the main stream media you're not free but just another expendable tool of the people controlling the media.

The Jews are the only culture to have ever lived in this area of the Middle East & made Jerusalem their Capital. Look further into the historic origin of names of Towns, Villages, Cities, Mountains, Lakes, Rivers and you will find that the names are Jewish/Hebrew & NOT of Arabic origin!

The Jews & their connection to the land of Israel are mentioned over and over in thousands historical religious a well as secular documents. And yet, in comparison, there's hardly a mention, in historical writings, of Arabs settling in this disputed land of Israel and forming a nation.

King James bible - Jerusalem mentioned 767 times.
The koran - Jerusalem mentioned 0 times.

The numbers are obvious. The agenda of the Muslims is to push the Jews into the sea & kill everyone of them. Read the koran, Hamas charter, Hezbollah charter, etc & they say the same thing. Israel, has nuclear bombs for decades & never used it other than threatening to use it if a country was to try to wipe them ALL out.

So, DanD, there's an old saying that applies to you. Better to be a fool and be quiet than to speak and confirm it for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yawn... Every side in every conflict presents themselves as the victims. This is just the Jewish version of, "Poor us! Look what those nasty Arabs are up to!". (If you look at the other side, you have the EXACT same thing: "Poor us! Look what those nasty Jews are up to!")

Anonymous said...

Plenty of half-truths here. If the 1948 borders were all you really wanted, why not go back to them?

directorblue said...

@Last anonymous:

So, jerk, tell us which "half-truths" are contained in this story, dimwit?

Answer in 3... 2... never.

Go f yourself.

Anonymous said...

No Pope has tried to wipe out the Jews. In fact, Popes have helped Jews, from making crusades to liberate the Holy Land from Muslim extremists, to Pius XII who saved 800,000 Jews during WW2 - you can even look this up on Yad Vashem.

The USA did not win WW2. All the Nazis have not been killed yet. There still are plenty in the middle east, all Muslim.

Anonymous said...

My message to the islamo-fascists is:

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight everywhere, we shall fight you on the seas and oceans, we shall fight you with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our homes whatever the cost may be, we shall fight you on the beaches, we shall fight you on the landing grounds, we shall fight you in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight you in the hills. We shall never surrender!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at 9:30 PM

Wrong on so many accounts.

The US won WW2. Look at the numbers. Look at the facts. The US fed the UK, equipped the French and partly the Russians. They fought a two front war and won.

The Catholic church actually helped Nazis escape Europe. The Catholic church is also responsible for every single massacre on Jews in Europe. The Jews killed Jesus, so the church claimed for centuries. Thousands of Jews were murdered because of this.

Anti-semitism is centuries old and has nothing to do with Nazis. The Nazis just picked up the baton where the church and the socialists left it, even though the Nazis were socialists, were left wing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article, and the references within, .. the LIES of the Palestinians, their arab counterparts and fools like jimmy carter Should be, and Need to be Countered with Truth as you have plainly laid out here. Kudos to you, and God Bless

Anonymous said...

This is a convenient history that has been constructed. It neglects that Menachem Begin was a member of the terrorist Irgun (an Israeli group). The Irgun blew up the King David Hotel - headquarters of the British Secretariat, in 1946 killing over 90 people. The disembodied head of one the British staff was plastered on the wall of a building across the street, setting the stage for terrorism elsewhen and where.

Chuck Moon said...

Funny stuff. This "presentation" is an excellent exampled of the obscene bias people are allowed to pass off as truth on the internet.
It is well known that Jews are alive and well in MANY "arab" countries, and that the initial expelling was a reaction to the forming of the Israeli state--for better or for worse. Likewise, as you can claim that Jews have lived in the land for 3700 years, you could also plainly and HONESTLY state that JEWS AND ARABS LIVED SIDE BY SIDE IN THIS LAND FOR JUST AS LONG with no animosity whatsoever---SO MUCH FOR THE FAIRY TALE BS THAT JEWS AND ARABS HAVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!! Simply not true. Just like most of what is presented here is SIMPLY NOT TRUE OR COMPLETELY DISTORTED!!
Nice rewrite of history, CLOWN!!
There wouldn't be such conflict if there was a lot more HONESTY and INTEGRITY on the part of the POWERS THAT BE!!!!
Oh, and you forgot to mention ISRAELI NUCLEAR WEAPONS, the US BILLION$$$ that support the Israel govt and military, and countless instances of ISRAELI TERROR against Arabs committed with just as much frequency.

Flash287 said...

Until the US develops its own oil industry, free from the present admin and the "Hate Big Oil idiots," we will have to import the stuff. As long as we import oil, it is of utmost national security that OPEC oil remain available to the US. If that supply train was cut off by a boycott or war, Americans would suffer rampant inflation and worse...our economy would collapse and out standard of living would become 3rd world. (BTW the US Left is part of the idiot group)

In the long term, it is only Israel that we can rely on to indirectly protect our oil and therefore National Security. We best start drilling here fast and dump this Green Energy myth that has already wrecked the worlds econmies.

Ziad said...

Funny how Jews always make themselves the victims & everyone else is evil. Arabs and Jews lived peacefully for many years until the Zionist moved in from Europe. My mother is a Palestinian Jew and my father is a Palestinian Christin they lived in peace and harmoney for many years before Zionists took over the land..

All of you that is looking at the conflict in one side to kind of open up your mind and stop watching Fox news and try to visit and watch the masaccares Israelis attemp towards Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed directorblue's articulate rebuttal to the other anonymous. "Dimwit" and "go f yourself" are clearly the language of the side with the better argument.

Anonymous said...

Nice presentation. I get the sense that most of those in disagreement couldn't give less of a shit about the etiology of the conflict. They more often than not reveal themselves to be conspiricists who believe a Jewish cabal is controlling the world, and thus keeping wealth and power from them. Zero-sum statists who find a convenient scapegoat in the Jews. With the complicity of media, and particularly the European media, anti-semitic cowards find it easy to avoid popular backlash in such an environment. These are the people most responsible for wars; they embolden aggressors, and advance the meme of moral equivalency. It is a pathetic, intellectually lazy and, in the long run, suicidal position for any civilized individual to embrace. And to those who disagree - "go F yourself:)"

Anonymous said...

Well, let's start with "Chuck Moon". Chuck, dear, the Jews were fine in Arab countries, and lived in peace, sop long as they were content to be, with only a few exceptions, second class citizens. It wasn't simply the Muslims who degraded them, it was Arab Christians as well (who, it must be said, were generally even more nakedly antiSemitic than the Muslim Arabs). Read up up a bit. So basically, Jews and Muslims lived "in harmony" so long as the latter ruled the former. The "lack of animosity" you cite was an illusion of low level oppression that occasionally flared into violence, but more or less was tolerated as necessary by Jews. Darn those uppity Jews who decided it wasn't so necessary, eh?

And then we have Ziad, who laments the Jewish tendency to see the Holocaust as a disaster which victimised them. What, you think they should take the blame for the murder of a million children? Are you perfectly insane? As to living in peace, again, do a bit of reading: peace was dependent on non-Muslims knowing their place.

Anonymous: no one denies that Jewish terrorism was part of the founding of the state of Israel. In fact, the major scholars documenting such things are Israeli Jews. The lack of such a critical analysis of ASrab activities by Arabs is glaring, and it is not because the antiZionists have clean hands: it is because they are moral cowards.

Anonymous, the 48 borders would have been acceptable in 48. Since 1948 there have been a couple of wars in which Arabs have tried to eliminate the Jewish state. Those borders were not defensible, but were acceptable for the sake of peace. Given that any peace in the foreseeable future will be an armed one, the 48 borders cannot be accepted.

DanD, read your bible. Ezekiel 47
:18 "the land of Israel" (eretz Yisroel). You are simply wrong on this point, and absurdly so. Palestine was the Roman name for it, and the Romans took the land. So the Roman name got used by everybody, except Jews who, after all, were the natives to that area. As for the "Palestinian people", well, there were Arabs indigenous to the area, but many were not indigenous (ie they were migrants from Egypt or Jordan, and there is no indication that, prior to Zionism, the Arabs of the region of modern Israel saw themselves as distinct from those of Syria, Jordan or the Sinai peninsula. Contrast this with the Jewish people, who have always seen themselves as a distinct polity.

Deal with it, guys. You may not like this guys version of history, and that's fine. Everybody has opinions. But that doesn't make you right.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how many mentally deficient Jimmy Carter clones posted their bile here. Jew-hating is apparently alive and well.

Not a single positive thing -- NOT ONE! -- has emerged from Arabs or Arab rule. Everything Arab or Muslim in the Middle East is a manifestation of hatred, violence, death and dismemberment.

The people who support the savagery called "Islam" -- hate-filled slugs like Jimmy Carter and those supporting the Arabs posting here -- are ignorant, anti-Semitic, or more likely both.

It is sickening to read, learn, and witness the level of ignorance and depravity prevalent among so many hateful fools.

Anonymous said...

Ziad, I am happy to read that your father and mother lived in peace for many years. How did the Zionists manage to drive your parents apart?

Anonymous said...

Not even a passing mention that many of the "Palestinians" are in fact the descendants of the Jews and Samaritans (the "other Jews" of ancient Israel) who converted to Christianity or Islam and continued to live in their ancestral homeland.

Denying the Jewish ancestry of Palestinians is nothing new of course. Both fanatical Zionists and fanatical pan-Arabists want to pretend that their bigoted claims to the land are the only valid ones.

Anonymous said...

For all you morons who don't get it. The Jews are God's chosen people....period! They will never be destroyed because of His divine protection. Unrest has always been in the region even from Bible times (try studying it and finding out why) and always will until Christ returns and finally destroys all those coming against Israel. Like it or not, the Bible is THEE truth and the only book that has stood the test of time. Over and over again it has proven accurate beyond reproach. Even those in the scientific community who have tried to dispel its accuracy have themselves come to be believers. Go against or curse Israel and you go against God. Like it or not, THAT is the truth which everyone will one day be forced to realize and recognize. Choose to stick your head in the ground if you like but not believing something that is true does not make it false.

RegT said...

Someone pointed out to me the difference between the muslim scum who call themselves "Palestinians" and the Jews of Israel:

Take away the weapons from the "Palestinians", and the result would be: no more war.

Take away the weapons from the Israelis, and the result would be: no more Israel.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, jews are every bit as despicable as arabs, not that i care one way or another. Jews carry communism with them everywhere they go, THAT is why they are persecuted and always will be,.

Anonymous said...

“The contradiction between the letter of the Covenant of the League of Nations and the policy of the Allies is even more flagrant in the case of the independent nation of Palestine than in that of the independent nation of Syria. For, in Palestine we do not propose even to go through the form of consulting the wishes of the present inhabitants of the country. The four great powers are committed to Zionism and Zionism, be it right or wrong, good or bad, is rooted in age-long tradition, in present needs, in future hopes, of far profounder import than the desires and prejudices of the 700,000 Arabs who now inhabit that ancient land. In my opinion that is right. What I have never been able to understand is how it can be harmonised with the Anglo-French declaration, the Covenant, or the instructions to the commission of Enquiry… In fact, so far as Palestine is concerned, the powers have made no statement of fact that is not admittedly wrong, and no declaration of policy which, at least in the letter, they have not always intended to violate.”
(Arthur James Balfour, August 1919)

Anonymous said...

Islam is a cancer on the face of the earth. If left to spread, it will eventually destroy the human race (WW3 nukes worldwide).

mjazzguitar said...

Jordan revoked the citizenship of it's palestinian citizens and it never made the news.
Imagine the outcry if Israel had done that?

Unknown said...

Why is everyone ignoring Daniel 9:24 and onward?

Wabano said...

Anti-semitism is a cancer of the mind every bit as bad as Islam...It seem to destroy the mind, which then function in a sort of a loop, spewing more and more nonsense...all totally disconnected from reality...a muslim and or an anti-semite is a sort of Psychopath, showing all the symptoms listed right there:

Wim Vincken said...

Not all of it is exactly accurate, but in general it's true the way how I see it. Also when I checked many of the statements here with actual facts, it confirms the message.
Also, this is one-sided. There were more sides in this whole historical debacle.
Whatever its history, the huge question is what's next? Do those Arabs want to have peace or not? Historically, you said that they had two chances. This is one example of not being accurate, they had many more changes then two. But at the end, the result is the same, they didn't take the chance and there is still no peace.

Those who performed the terror were (and are) not the same who were talking peace.

To make a huge story short, the question is what the Palestinians want to do.
1. Have peace
2. No peace, but what then? Keep the status quo until it explodes again?
3. No peace, and get kicked out of their areas.