Sunday, December 30, 2007

How does Hillary draw the line?

Would it be okay for you to break into an empty home because you wanted a nicer place to stay?

Would it be reasonable for you to break into a family's home because they had a spare bedroom and might be looking for a full-time nanny?

Would it be acceptable to crash a party at the Playboy mansion because Hef had plenty of extra food, drink and some really cute females?

Would it be fair to sneak into the local YMCA to work out because you didn't want the hassle of siging up and paying a membership fee?

Would it be justifiable to sneak onto a large corporate campus because they had advertised some jobs in the paper?

Would it be advisable to allow millions of non-citizens to enter the country without sanction, while paying for their health-care and use of public services?

* * *

I'm just wondering how that line gets drawn by folks like Hillary Clinton?

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