Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Genius embraces her Husband's 'Legacy'

The Washington Post is proclaiming a major shift in Hillary Clinton's campaign. In 'Hillary Clinton Embraces Her Husband's Legacy', the authors report that her handlers have decided to wed her "experience" to Bill's track record.

After months of discussion within her campaign over how heavily she should draw on her husband's legacy, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is closing out her Iowa and New Hampshire campaigns in a tight embrace of Bill Clinton's record, helping fuel a debate about the 1990s...

You mean the record-setting legacy of scandals, cheating, infidelity, convictions, fugitives, audits, FBI investigations, and accusations of physical threats, assaults and rapes? Is that the record she's drawing upon?

Both Clintons are making the case that theirs was a co-presidency -- an echo of Bill Clinton's controversial statement during the 1992 campaign that voters would get "two for the price of one" if they elected him. At times, the former president has seemed to cast the current race as a referendum on his administration.

If theirs truly was a co-presidency, I'm claiming she's subject to term limits and can't occupy the office again. Or, at the very least, she should be up for impeachment along with her co-president-slash-hubby.

...the Clintons regard any discussion of the Nineties to be good for them, evoking memories of a booming economy and a time when the United States enjoyed greater popularity around the world.

That makes alot of sense. Tim Berners-Lee invented the world-wide web in the early nineties, resulting in a record-setting economic boom. As for Bill Clinton's links to those events: there were none, save perhaps Al Gore's timely invention of the Internet and cable television.

And, sure, the U.S. was more popular. It was ignoring a series of devastating attacks and retreating from ill-equipped missions in places like Somalia, strengthening steadfast enemies like Usama Bin Laden and positioning the homeland for the worst attack in its history.

The Clintons de-emphasized and slashed the U.S. military, as well, which may have helped perceptions abroad. After all, isn't a weaker America better?

As for the claim that Hillary's a genius. My wife says it best: If she's such a genius she would have known he was cheating on her. And, in general, smart people don't get caught in the startling number of lies, fibs, half-truths, and utter fabrications that have plagued Hill.

Lest we forget, can you guess the number of times that Hillary-the-Genius testified in court or before Congress saying she didn't remember, didn't know, and so forth over the course of countless investigations? Try a neat 250 times. I thought geniuses had excellent memories. Or perhaps she was simply covering up criminal activities as, for example, the authors of the Barrett Report allege.

Regarding her brilliant campaign tactics, Don Surber wins a Quote o' the Day award:

She employed the same playbook that won in 1992 in 2007. That might work if there were no Fox News, no Internet, no 9/11 and no liver spots on Bill.

Don, if memory serves, this award means you'll receive a lifetime of complimentary super-sized Cokes from Jebediah's Gas-and-Go and Discount Fish Lure Shoppe, forty gallons of ethanol, and a certificate for a free car wash at Sparkly Clean in East Los Angeles.

If Hillary's a genius, I'm Don Pardo.

Update: Gateway Pundit has the essential roll-up of Clinton achievements.

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