Sunday, December 09, 2007

Miss Utah awarded Combat Medic Badge

Gateway Pundit notes that Miss Utah Jill Stevens was awarded the Combat Medic Badge.

Miss Utah Jill Stevens appears on the cover of Soldiers Magazine's December 2007 issue.

SGT Jill Stevens is a recent graduate of Southern Utah University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, 12 marathons under her belt, six years as a combat medic in the Utah National Guard, and she’s just applied for a direct commission to become an Army nurse... Miss Utah Jill Stevens was also awarded the Army Combat Medic Badge... JacketIM explained the significance of her awards:

...In the Army, the CMB, along with the CIB (Combat Infantry Badge), is considered to be the most prestigious award available, and is worn on the uniform above all other badges and awards, including the Medal of Honor.

I commanded an Army Medevac Unit and have the highest regard for Army (and for that matter, Navy, Marine, and Air Force) medics. As a group, their dedication to duty, bravery, and skill in saving the lives of their fellow soldiers is simply unmatched. The fact that she wears a CMB is proof that she has served as a medic in an infantry unit while under enemy fire. She is a hero.

And Miss Utah's by no means the only one.

The NFL Cheerleader Blog's Wearing Two Uniforms article has plenty of information on professional cheerleaders who combine beauty, brawn and brains in service of our country.

Of the cheerleaders, I do have to highlight Rachel, one of my oldest daughter's best friends. She is not only a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, but is also a full-time college student and a US Army ROTC Cadet hoping to serve as an active duty specialist in intelligence.


Anonymous said...

The Medal of Honor is the most prestigious award to be earned by anyone. That is why it goes around your neck and everytime you wear it everyone must salute you regardless of rank, including the President.

Anonymous said...

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