Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hillary: the gift that keeps on taking

Hot Air caught a startling ad from the gal who would be queen.

Hillary’s Christmas ad says nothing at all about Christmas. The gifts make the connection, of course, but check out what the gifts are: universal health care, bring the troops home, etc. All of the gifts are funded in one way or another with your money. ...she’s portraying herself as a thoughtful gift-giver by taking your money and giving it back to you in the form of expensive government programs, some or all of which you might not actually want or need.

Or even work, for that matter. I've captured the ad using super-slow-motion. The results were surprising. There appear to be subliminal messages inserted by, I'm guessing, the Clinton campaign. Let's watch.

I'm Hillary Clinton and I must say that I adore Christmas - it's my favorite time of year. Next year, I hope to give a lot of gifts that the current administration is too cheap to pay for.

We'll provide superb, free healthcare for everyone, just like in the U.K. and Canada!

We'll pay billions to invent amazing new sources of energy!

We'll increase taxes on the "rich" even more, redistributing wealth to primarily folks who don't want to work!

And we promise to create brand new federal bureaucracies for programs nobody's even asking for, like "Universal Pre-K"!

Since we can't compete with them in the marketplace of ideas, we'll silence conservative talk radio hosts using the "Fariness Doctrine."

We'll take care of our enemies, especially the domestic ones.

And, it goes without saying, we'll have thousands of secret earmarks for any special interest that can fill our campaign coffers! Remember: lobbyists are our friends!

I'm Hillary Clinton and I approved this message. Peasants.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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