Sunday, December 16, 2007

A real 9/11 conspiracy theory that deserves investigation

AJ Strata offers a far more likely 9/11 conspiracy theory than anything floated by the Loose Change whackjobs. Given the news that the Saudi government donated around $10 million to Bill Clinton's Bada Bing Presidential Library, AJ wonders what favors were expected for that tidy sum.

...let's play a little game of wild conspiracy theory - as the wingnuts do on the left. Let's say the Saudis did intend to buy off Clinton. Let's say they wanted to appease the Wahabbists in their country who had grown strong after the gulf war. Let's assume a wave of radical Islam was washing over the kingdom and the royal family decided the only way to survive was to ally with Bin Laden's forces.

Ok, everything up until that last part about partnering with Bin Laden is actually true! Sorry, I was supposed to be wildly speculating not repeating known facts. Old habits hard to break.

Let's assume Bill Clinton and the Democrats also realized the damage from his Impeachment were going to give the GOP control of all three elected centers of power in DC (Congress, Senate, White House). Let's say they were sufficiently concerned with being locked out of power for years to come they were willing to leave the GOP President all sorts of messes to clean up. Some of it would be simple vandalism of the White House. But other options might include bungling of the hand over of the levers of government.

OK, Ok,… I am doing it again! All that happened. Let me see if I can get it right this time.

So a desperate Democrat Leadership, out to cripple the incoming Bush administration, allies with Saudi leaders who had promised to release the pressure on Bin Laden and give him some more room to operate. The Saudis donate huge amounts of money to the Clinton library, Clinton starts fumbling the effort to track down Bin Laden. The Saudis promise Bin Laden his minions more access to America and they get special permission from Clinton's administration to set up a visa program that blinds US intelligence to who is getting access. Clinton only makes one request, don't do anything why he is President, then his team fails to alert the incoming Bush team of the threat from Bin Laden and his group.

OK, that seems much better - no facts, simple speculation. Let's see what else we can do here?

Everyone assumed Bush would be overwhelmed by the attack and the country will turn to Gore or the Dems in 2004 when he did fumble. It did not happen. And then the whole thing almost fell apart. For those who knew, it was not surprising that National Security Advisor Sandy Berger had to go in and destroy some evidence that was accidentally left behind (all the rest had been destroyed years ago - as evidenced by deletion of all the Able Danger data) during the nation's investigation of the events leading up to 9-11. It was a close call, the entire Clinton-Saudi deal had almost been exposed.

Democrats knew they would have to support Bush initially, but there was always the back up plan in case he did not falter. That plan included the leaking of fake stories about fake forged intelligence to the media, claiming Bush lied to America to support his strategic decisions. It also included the exposure of our national security tools like the NSA and SWIFT program so that Bin Laden's minions could plan how to get around them and succeeding in a second attack. Because a second successful attack would allow the Dems to paint Bush as incompetent, no matter how many attacks he diverted.

Mmmm, I seem to be drifting back into fact based reality again. Let me see if I can make a huge leap here and get this conspiracy theory really moving.

When no more attacks happened the Democrats had only one more option left - they needed to make sure America lost the war in Iraq. If that happened then they could still stick with their plan to show Bush as incompetent and convince the nation new leadership would be required. Now the deal they made with the Saudis to remove the pressure in Bin Laden had faded into the dark past. There was no hope anyone would know of their collusion to take power by allowing the US to be attacked on their opponent's watch.

So they did what they could to lose Iraq, calling for reduction of troops, pushing useless and impossible milestones on the Iraqi government. And they saw their plans finally start to pay off. Iraq became a violent disaster in the making and they were able to take over Congress. All they needed to do was seal the fate of the GOP was make sure al-Qaeda could win. They even sent their top leader to Syria to meet with President Assad to discuss how to play the game once Bush was out of office and the Islamists and Democrats would stage cease-fire as part of their power sharing agreement.

Then something truly bad happened - Iraqis rose up and joined the American forces to defeat al-Qaeda. Bush was succeeding and heading to victory. And there had not been an attack on the country despite their attempts to disable our defenses. The Democrats had less than a year to make something happen so they could blame Bush and the GOP. Then the Clinton machine came up with their most devious and risky plan yet…..

Boy, coming up with wild conspiracy theories is pretty interesting, but I think I prefer to stick with reality.

It's some fascinating speculation to be sure, but I won't hold my breath waiting for the Sixty Minutes investigation.

Hat tip: Larwyn

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