Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Line o' the Day: Sleepin' on the Job

In light of the 'Edwards Love Child' fiasco, Jim Geraghty wins our line o' the day award.*

Boy, ironic time for Newsweek to put John Edwards on the cover with the headline, "The Sleeper", huh?

Revised headline, in light of the National Enquirer story: "The Sleepin'-With-Somebody-Else-Besides-Elizabeth-er"?

UPDATE: Also, in retrospect, there are better poses than looking like you're about to remove your tie...

* The winner receives a year's supply of pancakes at Jed's Discount Breakfast Shoppe, ten feet of chicken wire and forty gallons of paint thinner. What the winner does with these items is anyone's guess, since no one has ever bothered to pick up their winnings.

Hat tip: Larwyn

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