Monday, December 24, 2007

Line o' the Day: Paul Krugman's Despicable Agenda

Noting Bruce Bartlett's criticism of Paul Krugman, Blue Crab Boulevard commenter Mwalimu Daudion observes:

My wife is a black African (born and raised in Africa). I am white, and our biological son is one of the few people who can accurately claim to be “African-American”.

I mention this not to play the Absolute Moral Authority card (a gambit designed to try to silence opposing points of view), but to point out that when it comes to race relations there is no theoretical component for us. We are living these issues in our everyday lives.

That is why I find the tactics of Paul Krugman and the MSM to be nothing short of evil. Krugman cares nothing for rooting out racism in politics and society (if he did, he would find a target-rich environment in the modern Democrat Party of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jimmy Carter, etc.). He cares only for keeping the black community in a permanent state of rage and fear - and voting the straight Democrat ticket. Krugman and the MSM take no responsibility whatsoever for the extensive collateral damage they cause by the lies they routinely tell in the pursuit of power.

As far as the MSM is concerned, facts must always be made subordinate to the narrative when political power is at stake. This is the reason I believe that the MSM pushes phony racism stories like the Jena 6, the Willie Horton ads, the fake Duke rape case, the “macaca” incident in the Senate campaign in Virginia last year, and the Reagan-as-KKK-sympathizer.

Mwalimu: as winner of our prestigious Line o' the Day award, please email us to arrange the delivery of your prizes. Due to budget constraints, they're limited to a slightly used Christmas tree (available December 26th), two No-Name-O brand snow tires, and a 32 oz. can of Boll-Weevil-Be-Gone Outhouse Sanitizer.

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