Thursday, December 27, 2007

Megahed, Mohamed, Moussaoui: what was about to go down?

Tampa Bay 10 just broke some intriguing news regarding the third University of South Florida student arrested on alleged terrorism-related charges.

For the third time in months, the University of South Florida is taking a hit for housing three students with alleged terrorist ties... "There [might] be others that may be involved in this thing too, that we don’t even know about today," said retired FBI agent Oscar Westerfield.

Now the recent arrest of Karim Moussaoui is raising eyebrows. According to a USF police report, Moussaoui got a written warning for trespassing at the Embassy Suites on campus, just one day before his arrest by the FBI.

Hotel Security Director Robert Forteau told police he was patrolling the parking lot around 2 a.m. when he saw Moussaoui milling around. When he approached Moussaoui, that's when the situation escalated.

The report goes on to say Moussaoui was verbally abusive, called Forteau the “n-word” and refused to leave the parking lot. By the time USF police intervened, Moussaoui was gone.

They tracked him down on campus, but his name didn't turn up on any watch lists, so they let him go.

Westerfield believes that something may have been about to do down. Moussaoui's attorney, Steve Crawford, denies any knowledge of that incident.

Moussaoui, a Moccoran foreign-national, studied computing engineering on a student visa and was arrested by the FBI on December 13th, just days before his graduation from USF. Moussaoui faces charges for firing weapons at a local shooting range with fellow students Megahed and Mohamed.

That pair had been arrested in July in South Carolina for possession of incendiary devices, thought to be pipe bombs.

Westerfield believes that the arrest so close to the graduation date meant that he was "getting close to leaving the country."

Pity the mainstream media hasn't taken an interest in this story.

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