Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beerfest: what the realtor emailed me

A single guy lived in this townhouse in Ogden, Utah for eight years. The landlord thought he was the best renter because he never called or complained and was never late on a payment.

These pictures don't even come close to what it really looked like. The realtor had already moved some of the cans out, and they had caved in the tunnels that the renter had made to get to the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

All this, yet you don't see any dust or scattered clothes or dirty dishes anywhere.

Other than having a minor drinking problem, he was basically a very clean, organized person. Add to this, he was concerned about his health, proved by the fact that he drank a "Light" beer.

Looks like a health freak to me.

Snopes has the details:

The 8-year resident of the building was apparently exceedingly fond of Coors Light beer, drinking a couple of dozen cans a day, every day, for the length of his residence, saving all the empties as well as the cartons they came in... The townhouse was found to contain an estimated 70,000 empty beer cans which reportedly fetched a total of $800 when they were delivered to a recycler.

The math works out. 365 * 24 * 8 = 70,080.

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