Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hillary: don't call socialized medicine 'socialized medicine'!

Say Anything reports:

Hillary goes off on a reporter at the National Association of Black Journalists Presidential Forum for daring to call socialized medicine... well... socialized medicine. [Video here]

What do you think she’s angry about more, that she’s essentially being called a socialist or that a black man dared wander off the liberal plantation to question her “we liberals know what’s best for you” policies...?

...the audience question came from a freelance writer named Kiara Ashanti, who wanted to know why the Democratic White House hopeful was pushing for, what he called, “socialized medicine... Why are you still insisting upon moving that system in here when particularly it will hurt African American communities more than anyone else?”

“...Oh, man – that was a string of misrepresentations about me and the systems in other countries,” Clinton began her response. “Number one, I have never advocated socialized medicine, and I hope all the journalists hear that loudly and clearly because that has been a right-wing attack on me for 15 years, and it is wrong.”

But, it’s not wrong. The health care system Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats support consists of taking wealth from everyone (or, more accurately, the top 50% of wage-earners who pay all the taxes) and redistributing it to everyone in the form of medical care. Wealth redistribution, put simply. And what is socialism if not wealth redistribution?

Regarding the original version of HillaryCare, the Mises Institute wrote (July 1996):

What was the core of Clinton's "Health Security Act"? Let's look at Health Security: The President's Report to the American People. "Every American," wrote Clinton, "must have the security of comprehensive health benefits that can never be taken away.... We must--and we will--outlaw insurance company practices that discriminate against consumers and small businesses and make care available to all Americans, no matter where they live or how old or sick they are."

Is that socialism? Of course. If insurance companies aren't allowed to take into account how sick a person is, or is likely to be, there is no way to compute risk, assess profits and losses, cut costs rationally, or otherwise allow a market to work the way it should. The voluntary market system, in which medical services are delivered on a free enterprise basis, is pushed aside by a command-and-control system that ends up creating more problems...

By every reasonable definition, the initial version of HillaryCare was socialized medicine. And when Hillary denies it, she's spinning fairy tales -- again.

It's a canard, to be sure, but here's how you call tell when Hillary's lying: her lips are moving.

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