Friday, October 26, 2007

The Heat's on Hillary. And, no, it's not Global Warming.

My Google News Alerts went nuts this evening, spilling out a series of messages on Hillary Clinton's ill-fated fundraising techniques. The alerts relate to what some experts call "the largest election law fraud in history."

Douglas Cogan, a businessman-turned-associate producer and researcher for the film, said he's made it his mission to expose what he calls "the greatest campaign finance fraud that ever has been committed... the Clintons think they are truly above the law," Cogan said. "My country has never seen anyone like Hillary Rodham Clinton."

..."My interest in supporting Hillary Clinton was specifically to hire Bill Clinton," Paul told in a telephone interview, noting that Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign "concocted" the whole idea of [a gala] fundraiser.

Paul said he believed that in exchange for organizing the gala, "I had accomplished the hiring of the president of the United States to work with me when he left the White House."

The gala cost $1.2 million, which was under-reported to the Federal Election Commission and led to the arrest of Clinton's then-Senate campaign fundraising chief, David Rosen..."

The Cleveland Leader.

Fox News.

MMD Newswire.

All are pointing to the new video evidence of Hillary's fund-raising "prowess." The video that's getting all of the attention is called Hillary Uncensored. The trailer has been viewed over one million times:

Put simply, Hillary's in deep, deep trouble.

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