Thursday, September 10, 2015

MARK LEVIN: Democrats 'Will Have Blood on Their Hands' For Supporting Iran Deal

By Jordan Schachtel

Nationally-renowned author and Conservative talk show host Mark Levin sent a defiant message to GOP leadership Wednesday afternoon at the Stop Iran rally at Capitol Hill.

In his fiery speech, Levin demanded they do more to stop the deal. He also took aim at Democrat leadership in both the legislative branch and the White House, suggesting that the Iran deal shows how far to the left the Democratic Party has fallen.

“Never before has a President of the United States. Never before has a political party consented to funding and arming the enemy. Never before has a President entered into agreements with a terrorist regime that holds American hostages; that has killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers, and that seeks nuclear weapons and ICBMs (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles) to attack his own country,” said Levin.

“Barack Obama makes Neville Chamberlain look like George S. Patton,” the former Reagan staffer added.

Levin highlighted the dangers involved if the deal were to be implemented in Congress.

“This phony deal allows the Iranian terrorist regime to inspect its own nuclear sites; to continue uranium enrichment; to build advanced centrifuges; to perfect their ICBMS; to spend $150 billion dollars on terrorism, and in the end, to secure nuclear warheads,” he said.

He then had some choice words for the Democratic Party.

“As one Democrat after another… supports this surrender, It’s clear that the Democrats no longer represent the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. It’s now the Democrat Party of Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama,” said the nationally-syndicated conservative talk radio host.

“The Democrat Party will have blood on their hands as a result of this deal for the rest of time. And let me be clear, this deal sows the seeds of war.”

He focused on the threat posed by a rogue and radical Iranian regime. “The enemy is emboldened, and the enemy will be well-armed and seek regional and world domination.”

“How do we know” that Iran is so ill-intentioned, Levin asked. “They told us so.”

Levin urged Republicans to stand up against the agreement, recommending that GOP leadership take the scaffolding set-up for the ongoing repairs of the Capitol Building and “use it on their damn spines.”

“The Republican Party, particularly their leadership, has abandoned the Constitution and the Treaty Power of the United States Senate. It is recklessly and deliberately avoiding any serious confrontation with a disastrous imperial president. They can stop this,” he said. “They can invoke the Treaty Clause right now. They can suspend the filibuster rule and vote against lifting sanctions right now. They can stand between Obama and the Iranian terrorist regime and protect our nation and our allies, but they won’t. Gone is the party of Dwight D. Eisenhower; gone is the party of Ronald Reagan.

“Instead we get the party of [Senator Mitch] McConnell and [Senator Bob] Corker and [Speaker of The House] Boehner,” Levin added, as the audience voiced their disapproval with GOP leadership. “Tell Republicans: this is not about getting along with Obama, it’s about stopping Obama. It’s about Americans’ interests. It’s about our children and the future generations.”

“And a final word: Let me warn the 7th-century throwbacks who like to chant ‘Death to America’ in their home country. We Americans have been threatened by better than you. We Americans have been threatened by forces far stronger than you, and we’ve obliterated every damn one of them,” he concluded, as the audience applauded and broke out into chants of “U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.”


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Unknown said...

The continued leadership of McConnell and Boehner and their appeasement of Barack Obama and the traitorous Democrats, is just proof that the Republican party is dead.