Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: 'The Twin Cities have an ISIS problem'

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'The Twin Cities have an ISIS problem': Carol Brown
Why There Are So Few Women and Children Amid the Hordes of Islamic “Refugees”: MB
Idiots Graham And McCain Call for America to Take Syrian Terrorists: Brenda Walker

Mitch McConnell fails with Iran nuke deal – Blames Democrats: David Leach
Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Even Project Leadership: Jay Caruso
Because He Fights!: Erick Erickson

ABC/WaPo National Poll – Donald Trump With 33%, Carson 20%, Bush 8%…: Treehouse
Rise of the “Crazy Buts”: Ron Fournier
Carson: 'Doesn't Make Sense' To Take In Refugees When Others Won't: Ian Hanchett

Only a Clinton...: Sultan Knish
The Incredible Shrinking Pantsuit: Grandma Loses 21 Points in New ABC Poll: JWF
And the News Gets Worse for Clinton: Stuart Rothenberg

America’s Legal Order Begins to Fray: Heather Mac Donald
‘We’ve seen a rise in anti-police rhetoric instead of hope and change’: JWF
Lawmaker says Obama’s refugee plan will bring in terrorists: Kelley Martin


Bulls*** from Bernie: John Hinderaker
I pledge to end federal public-employee unions: Gov. Scott Walker
U.S. Federal Government Program: Pay Minnesota Muslims Not To Kill People: Treehouse

Scandal Central

New State Department Documents Reveal Hillary Clinton Email Gap: JW
The Hillary Clinton Email Saga: “Senior Intelligence Officials Said”: Charles Lipson
Ted Cruz Says Obama Will Be To Blame if the Government Shuts Down Over Planned Parenthood: Chris Enloe

The Scheming Marxist Architect Of Obamacare, Robert Creamer, Helped Sell The Iran Deal: NoisyRm
Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill, says women with sexual assault claims have right to be heard: Malkin
Full Speech: 20,000 Cheer Trump At Texas Rally, Hammers ‘This Sanctuary Cities Crap’: WZ


Three Pinocchios for Obama’s claim of “strong support” for Iran deal: Ed Morrissey
Dave Brat: Conservative Who Ousted Eric Cantor Sees Little Change in Washington: Melissa Quinn
Joe Scarborough and Media Matters’ David Brock Spar Over Hillary Clinton’s Email: Alex Griswold

Mark Levin explains the Donald Trump phenomenon…like nobody else: Scoop
What Has America Accomplished After Two-Terms Of A Barack Obama Presidency?: PolFi
‘Total and Complete Joke': Trump Targets Corporate America on Face the Nation: Josh Feldman

Hillary Clinton’s campaign shocked that women can read and think: RS
Clinton Speaks To Mostly Empty Hall In Ohio: Alicia Powe
Muslim Day Parade 2015: Urban Infidel


Ruminations on the Russians: The Z Man
The Map Comes To Life: Richard Fernandez
Bill Clinton Worked Hand in Glove with Al Qaeda: “Helped Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base”: Chossudovsky

Federal Data: U.S. Annually Admits Quarter Of A Million Muslim Migrants: Julia Hahn
Corbyn is the UK left’s tantrum against Bush and Blair: Neil Stevens
The US airman who stopped the French train gunman will receive the purple heart: Insider

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Cancer Research, Irreproducibility, and the Insidiousness of the “Julia Child Argument”: Judge Starling
Netflix And Amazon Users Sue Chicago Over 9% Streaming Tax: Tammy Bruce
How Apple’s 3D Touch changes UIs: Alex Handy


“Make America Great Again”… Miss America That Is…: MOTUS
The Democrat Hall of Shame: FSM
Get ready for a new war: TRUMP v. KARL ROVE or KARL ROVE v. TRUMP: Gretawire

Image: Hillary Clinton’s campaign shocked that women can read and think
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "On Iran, it looks like things are going the wrong way. On the debt, the deficit, the fiscal picture, we’re going in the wrong way. On Planned Parenthood, we’re going the wrong way. On unconstitutional amnesty, we’re going the wrong way. On trade, we’re going the wrong way. So yeah, everybody’s frustrated, and leadership is in charge of that agenda." --Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA)

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