Sunday, June 23, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Worst Piece of Legislation in American History

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The Worst Piece of Legislation in American History: Daniel Horowitz
Resolve, Ready, Resist: Three Steps To Taking A Stand: Clash
Immigration, Capitulation, And The GOP’s Self-Destruction: Derryck Green

Jeff Sessions Crushes Karl Rove on Schumer-Rubio Amnesty Bill: Breitbart
Loophole in Amnesty Bill Gives Napolitano Free Rein to Ignore Laws: LI
Colorado Sen. Who Spearheaded Anti-Gun Laws Close to Recall: Huston


Puttin' On the Ritz: Clarice Feldman
Feds sue companies for doing background checks for hires: Fox
10 key players to watch on ObamaCare implementation: Elise Viebeck

Yes, IRS harassment blunted the Tea Party ground game: Stan Veuger
To The SEC: Porn Rots Your Brain: Karl Denninger
Meet Old Economy Steve: Millennials Strike Back: Reformed Broker

Scandal Central

It’s time for “The Lerner Rule”: Jazz Shaw
Claim: NSA Tapping “Military Officials, Lawmakers And Diplomats.”: RWN
Michael Bloomberg Using City Resources to Run His Anti-Gun Group?: Ace

Climate & Energy

Barack “Crazy Eddie”* Obama to announce plans to flip Senate in 2014: Moe Lane
Immigration Bill, ‘Climate Change’ Initiative: Obama Tries to Bigfoot Scandal Cycle: Dan Collins
Obama Set to Violate the Constitution on Tuesday: Sarah Noble


Joe Biden(?) surrogates continue quiet internal war against Hillary Clinton surrogates: Moe Lane
Madonna aligns with NRA, schools gun-grabbing liberal media: BizPac
Obama’s Secret CIA Hit Squad Detailed in “The Way of the Knife”: TAC

What Scandal?: American Digest
Nixon Aide Chapin on the Worst Scandal Facing Obama: Bridget Johnson
Michael Jackson: The epilogue: MacLeans

Socially engineering racial conflict: Selwyn Duke
Where are all the courageous liberals?: Doug Patton
Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher Runs Picture Of Mitch McConnell In Clown Face: Glob


Benghazi just got closer to Hillary Clinton: Walid Shoebat
Irish Politician Nominates Obama for Hypocrite of the Century: MB
Angry Buddhists begin killing Muslims: Rare

Wikileaks just released statement – vows to help Edward Snowden: Gretawire
Google To NSA Over Surveillance: See You In Court: Drew Wilson, Zeropaid
English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson enters Snake Pit, Defends Islamophobia: Walid Shoebat


US Hacked Chinese University Network: Slashdot
Meet B, the flying car that'll make it even easier to terrorize local wildlife: Engadget
Don't Want the NSA to Read Your Documents? Use This Font.: Reason


Positivity: Vatican theologians approve second miracle of John Paul II: BizzyBlog
Homeland Security: Stop Complaining or Face Arrest: Cube

Sponsored by: Call your Senator and two other Senators now: Say No to Amnesty

QOTD: "...the Gang of 8 bill and the Corker amendment are supposed to provide public guarantees that the laws will be enforced as written, but in fact there is a loophole large enough to drive a political agenda through.

There is every reason to expect this discretion to be abused to widen amnesty.

We have seen how the Obama administration unlawfully refused to enforce the immigration laws as to removal proceedings, as a federal judge found.

Now they want you to trust that they will not waive enforcement of other provisions in the name of what they deem to be the public interest.

The rush to a vote in the Senate does not allow time to fully understand all the provisions. And that’s why the rush is taking place." --William A. Jacobson

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