Friday, June 14, 2013

GEE, MARCO: What's in this Amnesty Bill for Us, the American People?

Could someone in the Republican establishment please answer a simple question for me: What aspect of this "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill will benefit the American people?

Can John Boehner step away from his bottle of Maker's Mark to tell us? Can John McCain peel himself away from the front of a camera to let us know? Can Karl Rove put the white board down, stop checking his E*Trade account for seven minutes, and explain? Can Paul Ryan take a break from PX-9 for a day and write a white paper explaining how this 1000-page monstrosity -- that, just like Obamacare, not a single person has read -- will benefit we, the people?

It's not to drive down unemployment, because legalizing millions of mostly low-skilled workers will drive wages down, starting with the lowest wage-earners and rippling upward.

It's not to improve border security, because they've already informed us they won't enforce the border as a pre-condition to passing the bill -- and they certainly don't enforce border security today.

It's not to begin addressing the deficit, because illegal aliens are net "takers", on average receiving thousands of dollars more government benefits than they pay into the system.

It's not to reinforce American traditions and values, because there are no enforceable language and education requirements in the bill that prevent the Balkanization of our society.

It's not to enforce the rule of law or drive down crime, because illegals today can commit multiple misdemeanors and even felonies without fear of deportation or imprisonment.

It's not to drive down dependency on government, because most illegals in the country today utilize food stamps, free health care, and other benefits subsidized by you and I.

Here's the straight truth: You and I, my friends, are second-class citizens. We pay for this government. We pay for this federal leviathan. We put our blood, sweat and tears into taking care of ourselves, our families, our churches, our charities, and our friends, sending 30, 40, 50, 60 cents of every dollar to the government for the privilege.

Some of us work two, three and even four jobs to send our kids to college. Some of us work 60, 70, 80, 90 hours a week to make a better life for ourselves. Some of us risk everything -- everything we possess -- to start a business.

But it is the illegal alien who is noble and virtuous. Not us. The illegal alien.

And Washington doesn't care. There's not a single redeeming aspect of this bill for us. Not one. It won't create jobs, it will destroy jobs. It won't help address the deficit, it will explode the deficit. It won't help national security, it will erode our security. It won't reinforce the use of the English language and teach our history, tradition and values, it will instead encourage multiculturalism and Balkanization. It won't drive down crime, it will encourage lawbreaking. It won't reduce government dependency, it will accelerate that addiction.

What's in this bill for us? Not a thing. This bill is for the ruling class, the Beltway elite, and it is designed to accelerate the fundamental transformation of America into something more malevolent, corrupt and tyrannical. For that is the way of the Statists who today treat us as subjects and not free men and women. These non-representatives do not have our best interests in mind and they are no longer operating with the consent of the governed.

Hat tips: BadBlue News Service and Mark Levin.


Wanda said...

Excellent post!
Perfectly describes what Shamnesty will do for America and legal citizens: put Lady Liberty on in her grave.
I'm convinced it is the goal of the entire corrupt Ruling Class in DC......who no longer care about the people they are SUPPOSED TO SERVE! Instead, what they see in the mirror, is the epitome of self serving, UNHOLY, corrupt, anti-American, scum.

Anonymous said...

No, the American people DO get something in this bill..... they get to have their unique biometric identifiers put into a government database and they get the further destruction of the few civil liberties they have left.

What a bargain!

To be honest, I don't understand why anyone not a citizen of the US would even want to become a citizen now, given that it is on the path to horrible tyranny.

Jefferson Ohio said...

What is it that has led politicians to bend over backwards to appease Muslims, illegal's, gays, Christian bashing and so on? WTF is going on?

Jason in SD said...

So what can we DO? Can't fight it, can't leave, what's left?

Unknown said...

yes what can we do ? I think we all saw this comming , and I for one am so frustrated the way Americans are treated . I'm thankful tho for this article . It gives me hope that I am not alone and as a force we can do something . but how ,what . Dont let the hour pass and its too late .

Unknown said...

look I'm tired of being pushed around and I'm not gonna take it any more . I'm tired of this neumerica . I want America back and say merry christmas . I'm on social security . Why? Because I paid in to the fund all my life .

Now if people are too fat or too fuckin lazy BOOM social security gives them my money . if your illeagal BOOM have a baby I'll pay for it
I want my AMERICA Back NOW !

Steve D said...

'But it is the illegal alien who is noble and virtuous.'
Don't you mean 'immoral alien' and 'moral citizen'? That's the only way this post could possibly make sense.
'WTF is going on?
Think deeply. Then it will all become clear.
‘Muslims, illegals, gays’
Three of these things are not like the other; three of these things are not the same. In fact, they couldn’t be more different.
Muslims: immoral. The name of their religion (submission) kind of gives that away, don’t you think? Their terrorism just reinforces that conclusion.
Gays: confused and in need of an intervention but so long as they don’t impose their views on me, I won’t force my views on them, either. They’re less than 2% of the population, so they don’t matter much, anyway.
Illegals: Hmm. I read the Declaration of Independence once and I have to wonder; whose right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have they’ve violated?

Steve D said...

‘I want my AMERICA Back NOW!’
Back in the day, people crossed borders willy nilly, as they pleased, like Alexander Graham Bell for example; citizen of Scotland; living in Canada, working in the States. I'd call that Freedom!
That’s America, folks. That’s what made her great. And that’s what conservatives and liberals in their different ways are laboring nonstop to destroy.
Once upon a time, a law stated that said slaves had to be returned to their owners. Those that disobeyed were called criminals. Today a law says immigrants must be returned to their home countries. Those that disagree are called illegals (or Beltway elites). A convenient way to polarize the county, no doubt.
Conservatives and liberals worship laws; but only those they like.
I guess there is never anything new under the sun.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

... Apparently Steve D thinks that laws shouldn't count for anything because SOME of them have turned out to be misguided and were later overturned?

So Steve D wouldn't mind if I broke into his house and helped myself to anything of his that I decide I like? After all, it's just a stupid law, and if a deeeeep thinker like Steve D doesn't like a law it's OK to just ignore it. Right?

Hey, Steve D, have you checked with anybody along the southern border about how THEY feel about "the law" being ignored by the "undocumented migrants" day after day after day?

Maybe there's a reason countries have (and maintain control of) national borders. Maybe there's a reason all those stupid laws exist. (Hint: God-given rights, and "... to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...") Any glimmer of understanding yet?

Anonymous said...

This will hopefully be an eye opener for something that began many years ago, what year did Pres Obama take the oath the first time & promised a " change", here it is Americans ...wake up!!!