Friday, June 28, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Time To “Document” House Members on Illegal Immigration

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Time To “Document” House Members on Illegal Immigration: Daniel Horowitz
Meet the Obamacare Hub, your data ready to be used against you : WyBlog
Vote Tally from US Senate: Mexico 68, USA 32!: John Lillpop

Tax ID numbers combine for multiple IRS refunds: Watchdog
Drug-filled Mexican planes arrive nightly on southern border: Susan Ferrechio
Alinsky in Austin: ACahnman

Sen. Mike Lee: We've Been Misled About What Was in The Bill: CNS
Boehner: I'll Require Majority of GOP Caucus For Conference Bill: Ace
CA Sheriff Strips Forest Service Of State-Law Enforcement Power: Laura Cole


Ted Cruz smacks ObamaCare tax on hiring American citizens: John Hayward
Magpul To Leave Colorado In Grand Style: Dana Loesch
Terror Prof Bill Ayers and Obama's Federal Curriculum: Mary Grabar (2012)

Scandal Central

IRS auditor reaffirms that conservatives, not liberals, were targeted: Times
Like Benghazi?: Liberal Logic 101
Charged Filed Against MF Corzine: Breitbart

Climate & Energy

“‘Power of ridicule’ – New weapon against climate deniers: Protein Wisdom
UK Birdwatchers Stunned As Rarely Recorded Species Killed By Wind Turbine : Blazing Cat Fur
Former EPA general counsel Martella discusses Obama climate announcement: EETV

Report: The Power of Obama’s EPA Has Skyrocketed: Michael Bastasch
Coal Day in Hell: Hopenchange Cartoons
GM to Invest $691 Million in Mexico: Wynton Hall


Anthony Kennedy: I am greater than all, and I stand atop US history as its God and Savior. Bow.: Protein Wisdom
DEVASTATING: Hugh Hewitt exposes Hoeven and the Corker-Hoeven amendment as a complete fraud : Scoop
DOMA: So You're Partying? Don't.: Karl Denninger

A Vision of the Vision of the Anointed: Ed Driscoll
MSNBC: Justice Thomas ‘a symbolic Jew... [inviting] Hitler to commit holocaust and genocide’: David Freddoso

Sarah Palin: Rubio & Ayotte Should Face Primaries For Lying About Amnesty: John Hawkins
Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly, Alec Baldwin Gotta Publicly Meltdown Once Again: Ed Driscoll
Thank Goodness: Mayor Bloomberg Helping End the Sparkler Menace: Dave Blount


The disturbing pattern: Obama rids America's military of yet another top general: Andrew Malcolm
Bumbling White House Touts Kenyan Voter ID Cards While Obstructing Voter ID in US: JWF
Israeli Leftist Sees the Abyss; Pees in His Pants: Ari Shavit

Look What Egyptians Are Saying About Obama’s Awesome Ambassador To Egypt: Nice Deb
Obama Demotes Snowden From Evil Chinese Spy To “29-Year-Old Hacker”: Tammy Bruce
The science is settled: It's "workplace violence" when Muslim shrieking "Allah Akbar" murders pregnant women: Navy Times

The Face of Cowardly Submission: Theresa May: Robert Stacy McCain
The Caliphate on the Horizon: Dr. Reuven Berko
Birthers Swarm Obama In Africa, “Welcome Home, Mr. President”: WZ


Is The Cable Internet Business Doomed?: Karl Denninger
Facebook leaks are a lot leakier than Facebook is letting on: Lisa Vaas, Sophos
Foxconn unveils smartwatch that can be connected wirelessly to an iPhone: TNW


Hillary Clinton Converts to Islam to Run for President: Cube
You’ve Got Your assignments, I’ll be in Africa.: MOTUS
Oh My Gosh, This Might Be The Most Beautiful Pistol I Have Ever Seen: Steve Johnson, TFB

Image: Hillary Clinton Converts to Islam to Run for President
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