Thursday, June 20, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Creating a permanent Democratic majority

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Creating a permanent Democratic majority: Betsy McCaughey, Rare
NYT Highlights Border Insecurity in Texas: Jerry Kammer
Memorandum on Arms and Freedom: Brian Puckett

Socialism Through Immigration: All About the Votes: Loudon
Thousands Turn Out to Protest IRS Abuse: ‘Targeted Enough Already’: Tatler
4 Painfully Accurate Paragraphs About Barack Obama: IMAO

Capitol Hill Police Block Tea Party Activists from Immigration Rally: Breitbart
When GOP Ignores Grassroots It Loses: CHQ
Kris Kobach Discusses the Angry Mob of Illegals Outside his Home: TPNN

Malkin: It’s not secure the border first, it’s secure the border PERIOD: Scoop
Dana Loesch’s EPIC speech at the Audit the IRS Rally: Scoop
IRS: Corrupt to the Core: Timothy Reeves


O’Keefe Reveals Fraud, Abuse in $2.2B ‘Obama Phone’ Program: Nice Deb
Entitlements: Face the Truth or Face the Consequences: Sheryll Poe
Guess who's getting $70 million in bonuses?: Katie Pavlich

Capitalism Kills ... Poverty: Bruce Edward Walker, Mackinac
Union boss Karen Lewis: Chicago school woes due to ‘rich white people’: EAG
The Department of Labor vs. me: Rhea Lana Riner

Scandal Central

Elijah Cummings and the Democrats are actively trying to sabotage IRS investigation: John Lott
Claim: Robert Bauer, Previous Obama White House Counsel, Directed Illegal IRS Attacks: Breitbart
Did the IRS target a DHS whistleblower?: Hot Air

GOP Drops Hammer On Garcia’s Alleged “Well Intentioned” Voter Fraud: Shark Tank
Obama Debates Himself: Debra Saunder
The Short Career and Sudden Death of Michael Hastings: Robert Stacy McCain


Matthews: Berlin Sun Ruined Obama’s Use of Teleprompters: WFB
Interviewing Helen Smith On: “Men on Strike": RWN
Here’s Why a Florida Hotel Says It Canceled the Reservation of an Anti-Common Core Group: Billy Hallowell

CNN poll shows Obama’s case for big government is losing the public: David Freddoso
Immigration Battle Gets Heated: Hannity
Sanders: S.744 Tramples Young Americans in Rush to Bring in Foreign Workers: CIS

‘We Will No Longer Accept the Lies’: Beck’s Prepared Remarks for Washington, D.C. Rally: Blaze
It’s not Edward Snowden who Betrayed Us: TAC
“Houston Man Arrested After Threatening to Kidnap, Murder and Burn Ted Cruz and His Father”: Protein Wisdom

Must Read! “A Helpless Military: Just What Obama Ordered”: Loudon
Lib Icon Noam Chomsky: Obama “Running The Biggest Terrorist Operation That Exists, Maybe In History”: WZ
Shameless: NBC Never Tells Viewers it Smeared Zimmerman with Doctored Audio: Matt Philbin, MRC


Acceptance, Silence, and Submission: Mark Steyn
Tweet Of The Day: WZ
Obama offends Catholics in the UK, says religious schools are divisive: BizPacReview

Negotiating the Terms of America's Humiliation: Power Line
Irish Lawmaker: You've Made Us a Nation of Pimps, With Your Ridiculous Slobbering Over Obama: Ace
Obama: Our efforts against al Qaeda are ‘evolving’: Charlie Spiering

Avoid the Need for Spying Using One Not-So-Weird Trick!: Ann Coulter
UK’s Daily Telegraph: ‘Barack Obama Bombs In Berlin’: Stephen Kruiser
Obama sticks his nose into Catholic education in Ireland: Catholic News Live

Damn you, TOTUS, damn you!: Keith Koffler
Obama's Newest Peace Partners: Jawa
South American & Mexican Hezbollah Jihadis Threaten the United States: WatchdogWire


Microscopic batteries created through 3D printing: CNet
Awesome Billion-Pixel Panorama Spins You Around Curiosity Rover's Worksite on Mars: Wired
The Hilarious Difference Between Google and Bing in One Picture : Gizmodo


Out-Of-Touch Elitists: 10 Pathetically Stupid Shopping Mistakes Democrats Made in the SNAP Challenge!: Sooper
“Ich bin ein Dubliner, und nach dem mittagessen, ein Berliner.”: MOTUS
Constitutional War Powers: A Guard Against Tyranny: TAC

Image: Thousands Turn Out to Protest IRS Abuse: ‘Targeted Enough Already’
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