Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Lies These Political Hacks Told Us

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The Lies These Political Hacks Told Us: Erick Erickson
Levin: Immigration will pass unless we scare the hell out of House GOP: Scoop
Restraining the Ambitions of the State: John Hayward

Pass Amnesty Bill and Kiss Your Base Good-Bye, Republicans: Bryan Preston
Dems Struggle With Scandals; GOP Can’t Agree on Policy: Michael Barone
Cruz Wins White House Dossier 2016 GOP Presidential Poll : Keith Koffler

Schumer-Corker-Hoeven Overstay Provisions Overstated: CIS
Immigration Bill Almost Done: P&F

Prominent Blacks Deserting the Liberal Plantation: Rosslyn Smith
The Case of the Missing White Voters: Sean Trende
Cruz Crushes Amnesty Backers--Compares Bill to Obamacare: Matthew Burke


Senate Bill: Employers Will Fire Americans, Hire Amnestied Workers: Susan Berry
Sturm Ruger latest looking to transition out of slave state CT: Bob Owens
Eight of top 10 states for job growth: Republican governors: David Freddoso.

HHS opens new Obamacare hotline available in over 150 languages: Caroline May
Amnesty Bill Has Taxpayer Subsidized ObamaCars for Youths: Matthew Boyle
New amendment adds jobs bill to Gang of Eight immigration plan: Exam

Scandal Central

Have you noticed growing assaults on free speech? Here? And here? And here?: Andrew Malcolm
The Real IRS Scandal: Gary Shapiro
IRS Sent $7,319,518 in Refunds to One Bank Account Used by 2,706 Aliens: CNS

Yes, IRS harassment blunted the Tea Party ground game.: Instapundit
CBO: We can’t tell you how much illegal immigration would go down under bill meant to solve illegal immigration: HA
Drug cartels in Oregon: Violence in the Northwest: Borderland

Climate & Energy

Obama Launches New Global Warming Video as Phony "Consensus" Crumbles: William F. Jasper
Obama climate plan may ricochet on EPA pick: Andrew Restuccia
Obama’s EPA Gets U.S. High Court Hearing on Coal Pollution: Greg Stohr


Conservatives Must Use Immigration Deform Like Obamacare in 2014: Daniel Horowitz
DeMint: Immigration Bill Is “Going to Cost Americans Trillions”: Sarah Edwards
Mark Levin reads GOP amnesty votes, apologizes for endorsing Orrin Hatch: Scoop

Republicans: What Are You Smoking?: David Limbaugh
Dust-up leaves NBC’s David Gregory licking his wounds: Michael Dorstewitz
NBC's Gregory Longs for 'Government Playing a Bigger Role' in Economy: Kyle Drennen, MRC

Gay Left Celebrates Disney Airing Same-Sex Couple on Kids’ Show: MRC
The libertarian moment has arrived: Anna Zetchus Smith
The Spit Roasting of Paula Deen: Jim Goad


Edward Snowden: Obama is getting his clock cleaned: Flopping Aces
Snowden Snowballs Into Colossal Embarrassment for Obama and his Foreign Policy: Bridget Johnson
Jimmy Carter Compares Catholic Church To Saudi Arabia’s Fundamentalist Islamic State: WZ


Spear-phishing against the Financial Times: FT
How To Conduct Your Own Google Design Sprint: Jake Knapp, FastCoDesign
Facebook bug discloses user info, existence of shadow accounts: Net Security


Where There's Smoke There's Failure : Hopenchange
Obama Tightrope Act: “I'm up in the spotlight, oh does it feel right”: MOTUS
Carlton Draught: Beer Chase: Clemenger BBDO

Image: Where There's Smoke There's Failure
Sponsored by: NAME EM & SHAME EM - 15 "Republicans" Who Voted For Amnesty Bill

QOTD: "The sponsors of the Corker-Hoeven substitute fell short of the votes they expected tonight to advance what they had erroneously billed to other Senators as a strong border security amendment. Failure to capture the votes they anticipated for this motion demonstrates the building unease this 1,200-page legislative monstrosity has created. I expect that unease will increase as Senators learn more about what’s really inside this proposal.

The Gang of Eight and their allies revealed their true tactics tonight. They shut down debate and blocked amendments to a 1,200-page immigration bill that no one has read. It was anything but the open and fair process that they had promised.

What we know for absolute certain is that this bill guarantees three things: instantaneous amnesty, permanent lawlessness, and a massive expansion in legal immigration that will reduce wages for working Americans. This legislation is a crushing blow to the working people of this country, a surrender to illegality, and a capitulation to special interests over the interests of the citizens we pledged to represent." --Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)

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