Sunday, January 29, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Soros-Financed Groups Scheme to Stop Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt Order

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Soros-Backed Groups Scheme to Stop Trump’s Temporary Refugee Ban: Aaron Klein
Court orders emergency stay on Trump's immigration order: Joel Gehrke
Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees — Separating Fact from Hysteria : David French

Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot: William Campenni
Chris Kyle's Iraqi Interpreter Crushes Protesters Against Trump's 'Muslim Ban': IJR
DHS To Continue Enforcing Trump’s Ban On Travel From Several Countries: RWN

Planned Parenthood Insults Pro-Life ‘March For Life’: RWN
My Islam Problem and Yours: Roger L. Simon
Radical new president stuns DC, actually does what he said he would do: Herman Cain

The Unanswered Question: The Z Man
Waaah: Congress moves to give away national lands: Heather Hansman
No, the Constitution Does Not Bar Immigrant ‘Religious Tests’: Andrew C. McCarthy (7/30/16)


California Has The Nation’s Highest Poverty Rate: ACC
California gets ready to punch back: Jason Weisberger
Things Just Got Serious in Europe’s War on Cash: Don Quijones

Scandal Central

Clinton Pal and Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein accused of luring underage girl into sex trafficking: DailyMail
Transgender Men Can Now Be Girl Guide Leaders: CBN
Federal judge overrides Trump’s executive order, grants stay to refugees: BPR

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Four Key Charts for a Climate Change Skeptic: Anthony Watts


Where is CBS46’s Ben Swann since his ‘PizzaGate’ story?: Rodney Ho
NBC's Chuck Todd: We Failed to Share Honestly Just How Hated Hillary Was: MMN
Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns: DailyEB

Donald Trump and the Media's Vote Fraud Denialists: Jeffrey Lord
Obama Banned all Iraqi Refugees for 6 Months in 2011 – Liberals Said Nothing: GWP
Liberal Media Won't Describe March For Life As Pro-Life: DC


Trump immigration ban applies to dual citizenship: Joel Gehrke
Why Cartel-Funded Nieto Opposes Trump's Wall: InfoWars
Sacred Moment: WZ

Iraqis are "offended" by Trump's temporary refugee ban?: Lawrence Sellin
North Korea has restarted reactor to make plutonium, fresh images suggest: Guardian
Texas state report: ISIS is on our borders: WND

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Get ready for the iCig: DailyMail
Ex-Mozilla Dev Suggests to Drop all AV Solutions other than Windows Defender: TheMerkle
CNET Editor Rails Against Non-Consensual Windows Updates: Slashdot


Nipping At the Heels of Wolves For Generations: MOTUS
These two Italian goombas were having none of it: Black Sphere
Veils: Instruments of Resistance: Cube

Sponsored by: Memorial for Raj's Dad

QOTD: "To the extent this ban applies to new immigrant and non-immigrant entry, this temporary halt (with exceptions) is wise. We know that terrorists are trying to infiltrate the ranks of refugees and other visitors. We know that immigrants from Somalia, for example, have launched jihadist attacks here at home and have sought to leave the U.S. to join ISIS.

Indeed, given the terrible recent track record of completed and attempted terror attacks by Muslim immigrants, it’s clear that our current approach is inadequate to control the threat. Unless we want to simply accept Muslim immigrant terror as a fact of American life, a short-term ban on entry from problematic countries combined with a systematic review of our security procedures is both reasonable and prudent." --David French


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Thank you, Doug, for the link to Raj's dad's memorial fund. MOTUS does not have sponsors nor will she accept donations, so this provides a chance for us to express our appreciation.


You won't see ads here, either. That's a rare thing these days. Doug will at least accept contributions. Please take advantage of that. We owe bloggers like MOTUS and Doug more than we could ever repay.


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Soros is on Russia's "dead or alive" kill list.
How is it he's escaped being Breitbarted if they really want him?

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