Monday, January 30, 2017

GRAPHIC: Comparison of Number of Cabinet Nominees Confirmed by Senate

Once again, just when you thought Democrats couldn't go any lower, they begin excavating another sub-basement, Comet Pizza-style.

A quick comparison of President Donald Trump with his Democrat predecessors shows that his nominees are not being treated with the same courtesy that both Bill Clinton & Barack Obama received in the aftermath of their swearing-in.

The Daily Signal noted that this obstructionism from Democrats was “unprecedented” and Sen. McConnell reiterated the same point during a floor speech last week:

“I urge colleagues to remember that we worked with the administration of former President Obama after he was first inaugurated ... We confirmed seven members of his Cabinet the day he took office, and nearly the entire Cabinet was filled within two weeks.”

With the committee votes for several of President Trump’s nominees coming later this week, Senate Democrats would be wise to remember how Presidents Clinton and Obama were treated and extend the same respect to the current President’s Cabinet choices.

When even Chuck Todd calls the Democrats' obstructionism a "petty delay tactic", you know things have gotten out of hand. But, I don't know, perhaps this kind of idiotic behavior will turn around Democrats' fortunes at every level of government.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.

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