Monday, January 30, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Afraid Government Will Ruin Your Life? Reduce Their Power.

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Afraid Government Will Ruin Your Life? Reduce Their Power.: Jon Gabriel
Unions of Border Patrol, ICE agents cheer Trump actions: Paul Bedard
20 'Vetted' Refugees Who Turned to Terrorism After Being Allowed Into America: InfLib

President Trump's Immigration Ban is Magnificently Right: Spengler
Did Soros bankroll protesters to fight Trump’s refugee orders?: RWN
Is Trump’s Immigration Order the Worst of Both Worlds?: John Hinderaker

Trump defends immigration ban, calls the world ‘a horrible mess’: Sophia Rosenbaum
Clinton pal Epstein: new accusation of luring underage girl into sex ring: DailyMail
Hillary: “I’ll Be Back!”: Edward Klein

Answering 20 Questions Liberals Wanted to Ask a Conservative: John Hawkins
Wash. Post: Say, We Should Treat Trump With Professionalism, Not Partisanship: RWN
The Democrats' Rise Is Far From Inevitable: AmPower


Over 300 Sanctuary Cities Are Costing State and Local Taxpayers over $7 billion a Year: Breitbart
Blockbuster Audio: RINOs Carp About Obamacare Repeal: David Catron
Insurers Confident They Can Transition From Obamacare Into Replacement Plan: Ali Meyer

Scandal Central

Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics: Treehouse
Gingrich warns U.S. of ‘very dangerous’ Obama directive: WND
Oversight Committee Orders FBI To Hand Over All Hillary Clinton Emails: MagaFeed

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Uhhh - Has Anybody Noticed the Price Of Gas Lately?: C&S
Blow to Northern Sea Route as voyages of two icebreakers are... broken by ice: Siberian Times


Media in fact-free fall over immigration: Don Surber
Stop Comparing Trump’s Executive Order To The Japanese Internment: Deanna Fisher
Analysis: Trump’s travel ban causing chaos, but don’t expect him to back down: Breaking 911

Kellyanne Conway: The Media Failed; When Will People Be Fired?: Tim Hains
Columnist For The Sunday Times Calls For President Trump’s Assassination: GWP
NYT: Anything Obama Did Was Constitutional. Anything Trump Does, Isn’t.: Bill Quick


Stunning Win – Saudi King Salman Agrees to Support/Finance Safe Zones In Syria and Yemen: Treehouse
Merkel of the North? Canada’s commie PM tweets to Muslim immigrants they’re welcome: Scoop
Church in revolt at pope’s ‘blessing’ of Islam’s expansion in Europe: World Tribune

6 Dead in Canadian Mosque Shooting, Attackers Shouted “Allah Akbar”: BattleSwarm
Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque: GoV
Islamic cities within British cities, cloistered and intolerant: Vlad Tepes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why the Earth’s magnetic poles could be about to swap places – and how it would affect us: Conversation
The Most Dangerous Gun Maker in the World: David Isaac


International outrage as Trump enrolls ISIS into Obamacare: Cube
The Outrageous Conservative: Ace
Cultural Ignorance: Sondrakistan

Image: Sally and Johnny do LAX
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The fact of the matter is that 325,000 people from foreign countries came into the United States yesterday, and 109 people were detained for further questioning. Most of those people were moved out. We’ve got a couple dozen more that remain., I would suspect that as long as they are not awful people, they will be moved through today... If they’re folks that shouldn’t be in this country, they’re going to be detained. So we apologize for nothing here." --Reince Priebus


Paul Scheppe said...

Join me in signing the petition at

Anonymous said...

Liberal + Trump + Well......

Anonymous said...

you're an idiot. Go pedal your shit over at Dumbass Underground or wHoreA-ton Post where it better suits the average IQ.

Bezos and Gates,

I'm done with you. Although I gave up MS operating systems a good while back, I was keeping an open mind toward other software and your hardware items.

Here's notice: America voted overwhelmingly for Trump's agenda. Your primary customers are said same Americans. By openly opposing Trump, in open court even, over politics, expect politics to enter America's mind every time they prepare to purchase.

The picture you are painting is Amazon and Microsoft are against the American people. Where I live, we call people who do that traitors. No. It is NOT just you expressing your opinion. You are using the power that ordinary Americans gave you in good faith against them. If you had told us you would oppose our very safeties and freedoms, we would have NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS did enough business with you to give you such power. YOU HAVE BETRAYED OUR TRUST. And worse yet, you absolutely KNOW it. Lowlife traitorous pieces of shit.

I currently have a PRIME account with Amazon. I have made over 30 orders and spent THOUSANDS at Amazon in the last few months. I've already paid in full for rest of a year. That money is yours now. Enjoy it.


My life's goal for the next few months will be to see how many people I can convince to STOP shopping Amazon.


Sorry for the rant Doug. I tried to post it over at the WSJ site and couldn't break through for some reason.

Old Ez