Monday, January 02, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Top Ten Political Gifts of 2016

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Top Ten Political Gifts of 2016: Marguerite Creel
The Trump Administration Should Treat Islamists Like The Mafia: Federalist
9/11 Mastermind explains why they call it the ‘Religion of Peace’: Ann Corcoran

Murder City, USA: Chicago Ends 2016 With Nearly 800 Homicides for Year: R.S. McCain
President Obama confirms farewell address in Chicago: Trib
And This Is Why I Carry Guns When I Walk My Dog: Herschel Smith

The White House's dirty campaign against Keith Ellison: Ryan Cooper
Black pols plan Trump resistance: Heather Caygle
School choicers find new administration 'reassuring': Bob Kellogg

Senate Democrats Plan to Delay Votes on Trump’s Cabinet Nominees: PPD
It’s President Obama’s 11th Hour And His Own Have Turned On Him: RWN
The 20 Best Quotes of 2016: John Hawkins


Dems Want To Use Taxpayers' Millions To Protect Illegals From Deportation: DC
Illinois ends 2016 with an $11 billion in unpaid bills: Illinois Policy
No, Robots Don’t Kill Trumpism: KausFiles

Scandal Central

Yet Another Obamess For Trump to Clean Up: Bill Quick
What’s Behind Mysterious ‘Disclaimer’ on Top of DHS/FBI Big Russia Hacking Report: Rachel Stockman
Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at Vermont utility: Post

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Obama Publishes $7.4 Billion Worth Of Rules In One Night: DC
EPA May Crack Down on Wood Stoves in Alaska: MB
China starts 2017 engulfed by smog, issues pollution alerts: Times


2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners #Fab50: Politopinion
2017 will be one long vampire scream from the liberal elite: James Delingpole
Disney could receive $50M for Carrie Fisher’s death: Post

Laughing About White Genocide: Jim Goad
Tolerant Liberals Celebrate Rousey Loss: BPR
UK: Star axed from reality game show for saying “all terrorists are Muslim”: Robert Spencer


7 Outrageous Examples of Palestinian Incitement to Terror in 2016: UNI
Trump team invites Netanyahu to inauguration ceremony: Chana Roberts
Riots in Elk after the death of 21-year-old in front of a kebab shop: Vlad Tepes

The Venezuelan President's Cruel Fantasy World: David Paulin
IS Claims New Year's Attack on Istanbul Nightclub: ABC
British Lies Are a Secret No More: NEO

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

iPhone manufacturer Foxconn plans to replace almost every human worker with robots: Nick Statt
Photocopier Security: Schneier
Should You Go ‘Serverless’? The Pros and Cons: Asaf Yigal


Top 13 Things that Didn't Happen in 2016: Cube
Actually, 2016 was a pretty good year: John Ruberry
Huma, Weiner, Spending Time Apart While Still Living Under One Roof In New York: Inquisitr

Image: lslamic State group claims Istanbul New Year’s nightclub attack
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Anonymous said...

The President tells us that all his friends call him by his first name. My, after 8 years that does make me feel special. And to think now he parts saying "I will be with you each step of the way". This is remarkable, the template is here:

Buy Bye Barry, it's like we never knew you.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to know him. I want to forget him and never hear or see his ugly, undeservedly arrogant (inside and out) face again.

Wooly Phlox said...

Thanks again, Doug.

I stop here every day, and BadBlue too.

Top-notch curation.