Monday, January 30, 2017

ANALYSIS: TRUE. Is Google News Suppressing Center-Right News Sites?

The big story this evening is the fact that President Trump has fired the acting Attorney General, a far Left Obama holdover.

Her dismissal was well-deserved, given the fact that she ordered the Justice Department to ignore the Commander-In-Chief's entirely legal order, one similar to bans enacted by Presidents Obama and Carter.

But I was fascinated to see the Google News coverage of the event.

Check out the top story this evening:

So we see which sites Google has chosen to promote.

Are these selections fair and reasonable?

I'm sure you're shocked, but it would appear not. Let's look at global Alexa traffic rankings (and, yes, I know they're not spot-on, but they're definitely useful proxies for actual traffic).

Suffice it to say that Google appears to be suppressing center-right news sources and feeding the echo chamber More Of The Same™.

Say, how'd that work out for them this election cycle?

Protip: I suggest bypassing the censors at Google and using BadBlue Real-Time News. You'll get independent, unbiased and honest coverage from around the planet, updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, every day.


Citizen said...

I no longer use Google as a search engine

Dymphna said...

In addition to not using the Goog search engine, I've never bothered with their curated news. The Baron does - just to see what they're promoting.

I also don't use Facebook. It's evil. Annoying that many sites use Face Ache as their commenting section - guess they'll have to do without my opinions. Sigh.

Given that Zuckerberg's agreement to bend to Merkel's will re reporting what Germans say on Facebook, and that it resulted in punishment for at least one German (no one is permitted to publicly criticize the suicidal mission of Angela & Co.), not to mention the hideous live streaming FB permits to go on under its auspices I don't understand why people are still hooked up to the little bully in the tea shirt. His dikta regarding who may live near his estate are creepy in the extreme.

Dymphna said...

Oops...that should be tee-shirt.

And, yes, I've turned to Bad Blue for news. I also check out Conservative Tree House since they often have details others don't. He's a first-class researcher.

Anonymous said...

Bad Blue is getting a lot of junk in it lately...

directorblue said...

Anon 7:55 --- give me a couple of examples and we'll take a look... thanks!

millard fillmore said...

I don't use google or facebook,and delete everything that has google hiding in it or offers it online.Google is sneaky,though,and sometimes is latched on to other programs,in one way or another,but I always find it and get rid of it.