Saturday, January 07, 2017

NOT ENOUGH SPEECHES: White House Finally Addresses Record-Setting Democrat Losses During Obama Era

The White House has finally deigned to explain the Democrats' sweeping losses at all levels of government during the Obama years.

Oh, it's not their policies. The part-time economy, the rise of ISIS, the Obamacare debacle, the Syrian refugee crisis, no, none of that had anything to do with it.

It's the Democrats' failure to "make the argument".

Despite a record loss of offices for the Democratic Party during his eight-year presidency, Barack Obama believes that the problem is not the party’s values or policy prescriptions but the inability to “make the argument.”

That’s what his top spokesman [said] in response to our question about the numerous news stories pointing out that Democrats lost 1,030 offices — U.S. Senate and House seats, governorships, and state legislative offices — during the Obama presidency. [It represents] the largest loss of offices for a party while it held the White House in modern history...

...As Obama sees it, according to Earnest, there is a need for Democrats “to express their view persuasively in communities all across the country, and that certainly is part of the challenge that President Obama is going to spend some time thinking about as a former President.”

We’ve got the values right, we’ve got the policy prescriptions right, but we just need to go and make the argument. And the President is confident that if and when Democrats do that, there are important gains for the party and for the country that lie ahead.”


It's not just a river in, eh, Maryland.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


KellyJ said...

The good news is they still don't get it.
Of course once they do understand that it is their policies the Left will just lie about them...advocating more moderate polices but once elected passing the same Far Left bilge water that they've been pushing.

Anonymous said...

The communist Marxist Alinsky worshipers will NEVER admit defeat. They will double down and keep pushing their New World Order and communist agenda for as long as it takes for them to succeed. They have made great strides with Obama/Soros/Clinton - do not think for one minute that they think they have been "beaten". They will only work harder, through academia, Hollywood and the propaganda media to continue indoctrinating the young and keep fomenting the racist hatred of blacks against whites. Trump may make great strides to help heal the economic/jobs aspect of America's stability - BUT, the chaos and terrorism and unrest in the inner cities and world will only escalate as jihadist who already have cells in every state of our Republic continue to wrack havoc and fear in our country. They need to be DEMOLISHED BY ANY MEANS AVAILABLE for America to survive. The Marxist, Communist, Alinsky, need to be totally wiped out, imprisoned as traitors, along with the complicit, greedy politicians who have sold their souls to big government, cheap labor and big money globalists who want turn America into something she isn't. The fight is ongoing and will NOT END until all the Marxist/Muslim/Communist politicians are kicked to the curb. And, even then, it won't be over. Are we up to another civil war? Will we Americans who love this country step up? The big money NWO are betting that we will not. Please, please, let's prove them wrong.

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said @2:11....a Call to Arms? I don't think We're Quite there yet.


clayusmcret said...

Democrats made their argument quite forcefully, and at times it felt like their argument was coming from the end of a water cannon. Problem was America didn't like the democrat side of the argument.