Sunday, January 01, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Whole Lotta Lyin' Going On

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Whole Lotta Lyin' Going On: Scott Johnson
Cold Turkey: Free Range International
The Last Days of Barack Obama : Kevin D. Williamson

Eight Facts on the “Russian Hacks”: Sharyl Attkisson
WaPo Issues Major ‘Editor’s Note’ to Claim Russians Hacked US Power Grid: LawNewz
Crazy leftists accuse Trump of treason for this one thing he said: RWN

The Portland Way: Max Redline
Judge blocks Obama's transgender mandate: Exam
Chicago 2016: nearly 800 homicides, up almost 60 percent from 2015: Twitchy


Maine Made Childless Adults Work to Get Food Stamps...: Daily Signal
French employees can legally ignore work emails outside of office hours: WaPo

Scandal Central

Obama Throws Importation of Muslim Refugees Into High Gear: MB
Sanctuary Cities Demand 11th Hour Executive Orders Against Trump: John Binder
The Mysterious Disappearance of Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman: Rachel Alexander

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Wisconsin Takes a Step Toward Sanity Regarding Global Warming Hoax: MB


The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers: Forbes
2016 Man of the Year: ‘The New Nate Silver’: WFB
Trump = Love!: Jenny North

Analysis: False; Politifact Screws Up Again With Their Partisan Agenda:
CBS, Time Editor Push 'Deadly' Global Warming: 'Not Subject to Politics'...Or Is It?: Tim Graham
Why the Left Secretly Loves Trump: Steven Hayward

James Woods: You can send congrats cards to Jimmy Carter, now: BPR
Epic! Uber Driver Saves Little Girl from Sex Slavery – Praises Trump: GWP
Pussy-Hat Protests planned for Trump’s Inauguration: Leslie Eastman


The West Must Prevent Cold War 2.0: John R. Schindler
An Open Letter To An Israel Hater: Paula R. Stern
'ISIS seeking to launch mass-casualty chemical attacks in Europe': JPost

UN Withdrawal: Never Wound a King: Odysseus
Amexit: obama hands Trump justification to leave the UN: Flopping Aces
Egypt's Military Completes Restoration of Bombed Cairo Church: AINA

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Deep in the Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Fugitive Slaves Kept Their Freedom: Richard Grant
iPhone manufacturer Foxconn plans to replace almost every human worker with robots: TheVerge
Doctor Discovers Mysterious Chicken Virus That May Cause Obesity: Debra Heine


Welcome, 2017: MOTUS
Some New Year’s Resolutions for Our Progressive Pals: Kurt Schlichter
Photos: Here's what President Obama's been doing this year (and seven others): Medium

Image: White House Photos
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "Look [my progressive pals], you hit a few unexpected bumps in the road in 2016 – I mean, who could have foreseen that nominating someone under FBI investigation might turn out badly? But there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing – the problem isn’t you. It’s everyone else, especially those stupid, racist, gun nut Jesus people who aren’t bright enough to understand that you are entitled to rule over them. So don’t ever change. Stay the course. Oh gosh, please, please, please, by all means, stay the course." --Kurt Schlichter

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