Thursday, January 26, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: A message to the angry Leftists from an American Infantryman

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A message to the angry Leftists from an American Infantryman: GruntWorks
Trump’s executive orders are ‘quintessentially conservaive’, says Mark Levin: Scoop
America's Second Civil War: Dennis Prager

Congress May Reverse Obama’s Social Security ‘Back-Door Gun Grab’: Christian Datoc
White Candidate For DNC Chair: My Job Will Be ‘To Shut Other White People Down’: DC
Trump's Immigration Orders: John Hinderaker

Rand Paul Introduces His Obamacare Replacement Plan: William Teach
Levin: Who will pay for Trump's wall? I don't care. Build it!: Nate Madden
Overwhelming Support for President's “America First” Inaugural Address: Treehouse

The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Joke, And This Proves It: Elliott Hamilton
Democrat Rioters Torch Muslim Immigrant’s Limo During Inauguration Tantrum: JWF
Catherine Engelbrecht: “Voter Fraud is Institutionalized” Here’s How: Treehouse


Despite Trump order, Emanuel says Chicago will remain sanctuary city: Greg Hinz
Report: Trump Issuing Order To Limit US Involvement With UN: RWN
Austin Becomes Ground Zero For Sanctuary City Battle: ZH

Scandal Central

Report: ‘Substantial Evidence’ Over a Million Illegal Aliens Voted in 2016: Trey Sanchez
Media Covers Fake Mike Flynn Story, Ignores Bombshell on Secret Obama/Iran Meetings: PJM
The Time Elizabeth Warren Used Loophole to Avoid Disclosing $1.3M Line of Credit: Brent Scher

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump Starts Bringing a Rogue EPA to Heel: BattleSwarm
Trump Freezes EPA Grants to Liberal Pet Projects: Edmund Kozak
EPA Transition docs detail many of the regulations Trump could roll back: Michael Morisy


Was the Women's March Mass Therapy?: Stuart Schneiderman
ABC Apologizes After Being Caught Deceptively Editing Quote About Sean Spicer: Debra Heine
Salon Media near deal to sell big stake to activist hedge fund: Post


Soros, MasterCard Launch Venture to Profit from Mass Migration: Edmund Kozak
German Women Now Have to Fear the Streets: GoV
Britain's Populist UKIP Party on Track to Pull Off a Major Upset in Labour Stronghold: PJM

Trump freezes Obama’s $221,000,000 parting gift to the “Palestinians”: Robert Spencer
Tracing Saudi Arabia's Export of Terror: Leslie Shaw
Two "migrants" in custody in Sweden over rape of woman streamed live on Facebook: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

IBM: AI, IoT, and nanotech will literally change the way we see the world: Michael Cooney
Why All Companies Should Have a Ransomware Recovery Plan: Brian Levine
Google Permanently Bans 200 "Fake News" Sites: ZH


Connection Between Bill Clinton And Child Trafficker Laura Silsby: Herschel Smith
The Young Trump: Andrew Rice
Big Day Planned on National Security: MOTUS

Image: Catherine Engelbrecht: “Voter Fraud is Institutionalized” Here’s How
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The best study on the subject — a study that meets the Daubert standards for admissible evidence in a jury trial in a legal courtroom — provides substantial evidence that non-citizen voting alone likely reached over a million in this election. A trio of well-regarded scholars used scientifically approved methods to study the question of non-citizen voting in federal elections. The result of their study published in one of the best-regarded peer-review political science journals, Electoral Studies. The evidence from their study suggested upwards of 10% of non-citizens voted in 2008; given the issues implicated in this election, a higher number would be a reasonable inference for a jury to conclude. Given the increase in non-citizen members of the population, the same study’s conclusions would project out to millions of illegal votes from non-citizen voters in this election." --Robert Barnes


Anonymous said...

Election fraud had nothing to do with the Russians, it had everything to do with the Democrats. Their fake news about Russia sought to cover up their own perfidy and delegitimize President Trump in one fell swoop.
Trump is laying the axe to the root, pretty soon we will see the truth about all this including Barry's manipulations.

commoncents said...

Viral Video - "INAUGURATION DAY" — A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump's Inauguration