Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Larwyn's Linx: Report: U.S. and Other Countries Agree to Give Iran 116 Tons of Uranium

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Report: U.S. and Other Countries Agree to Give Iran 116 Tons of Uranium: Alex Griswold
UK jihadi freed from Guantanamo flees to Syria to join al-Qaeda: Robert Spencer
ISIS Singles Out Dallas Megachurch in Call for Arson Jihad: Bridget Johnson

Michelle Obama’s final speech tells Muslims “this is your country”: Creeping
California's Picky-Choosey Attitude to Complying with Immigration Laws: Dan Cadman
Not just murder: All violent crime way up in Chiraq: Marathon

Mexicans, not Mexico, might pay for Trump's wall: W. James Antle III
Musings Of An Average Joe: Stop Wasting Our Money!: Joe Bilello
WaPo Still Searching For A Way To Stop Trump From Being President: RWN

Jeff Sessions prepared for a rough-and-tumble hearing: Ryan Lovelace
Schumer's Unprecedented Demand to Slow Walk Trump's Cabinet Nominees: Jason Pye
Obama Quietly Hiring New OFA Staff to Fight Trump : Daniel Greenfield


Toyota announces $10 billion U.S. investment days after Trump warning: Fox
Reader tells us why cheap refugee labor has taken over meatpacking jobs: RSR
The Limited is closing all of its 250 stores: Sarah Halzack

Scandal Central

Iran: U.S. Surrendered More Than $10 Billion in Gold, Cash, Assets: Adam Kredo
New FBI Clinton report shows classification shopping: TruNews
Chaffetz: Clinton email probe to continue 'full throttle': Joel Gehrke

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Beijing Advises Umbrellas to Shield Against Its Gross Snow: Jenn Gidman


The U.S. might be better off without Congress — and a president: Ana Swanson
Kellyanne Conway Snaps Back At Streep: ‘She Lost’: TheDC
Obama Claims He's the Father of the Tea Party: Politopinion

Racist, Bigoted and Ignorant: Christian Mercenary
The Least Trusted Name in News: CNN: The Antimedia
Assange Mocks U.S. Intelligence Report on Hacking, Denies Russian Involvement: Ronn Blitzer


Mecca Governor Saudi Prince Khalid Al-Faisal: We Need a New Path of Moderation: Clarion
A Corrupt President Under Foreign Influence: GayPatriot
How One Arab Border Hospital is Treating Wounded Israelis. Just Kidding.: NBC

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The End Of Car Ownership? Cadillac Launches Vehicle ‘Subscriptions’: Vocativ
NAT is a firewall: Errata Security
Los Angeles Valley College Pays a Whopping $30,000 in Ransomware Incident: Catalin Cimpanu


We’ll Always Have Hollywood. Unfortunately.: MOTUS
Clemson Takes Down Alabama to Win National Championship: TheACC
Democrat Promises To Jump To Wrong Conclusions After Airport Shooting: Bob Owens

Image: Clemson Takes Down Alabama to Win National Championship
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QOTD: "[Meryl] Streep ... should stick to what she knows -- memorizing words written by people smarter than her and then repeating them when directed to do so. She's incapable of basic reasoning and comprehension. She also disrespected her industry and the viewing public by using the Golden Globe Awards' ceremony to burp up her baloney, as if what she had to say was so urgent and momentous." --Mark Levin


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