Monday, January 02, 2017

HOLY SHNIKEYS: These IDF Soldier Babes Are Setting the Internet On Fire

I don't often employ Robert Stacy McCain's "Rule 5" of blogging (probably to my great detriment in terms of traffic), but thanks to the New York Post, I now need a cold shower.

A sizzling Instagram page featuring women displaying their M-16s both in olive-green garb and skimpy bikinis has attracted almost 35,000 followers...

...More than 2,000 photos have been posted of the sexy fighters from all branches of service – ground forces, air force and navy...

Some strike sultry poses at the beach, others smile in selfies, many sport camo face paint as they take aim, and dozens leave little to the imagination – with “IDF” and other slogans emblazoned on their breasts.

Here's the gallery.

You're welcome, America.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Kevin R.C. O'Brien said...

Unfortunately, every single one has a Jewish Mother who has convinced her that nothing but a doctor will do. But this is a post that is easy on the eyes. Four more of these and you can post one image of a Democrat lady senator. Forty-nine more, Amy Schumer. But in more clothing, please a merciful God.

Anonymous said...

"Does this M-16 make me look fat?"