Monday, January 15, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Congress Takes 3-Prong Approach To Surround Corrupt Intel, DOJ Officials

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Congress Takes 3-Prong Approach To Surround Corrupt Intel, DOJ Officials: CTH
Time to Repeal the Disastrous 1965 Immigration Act: Selwyn Duke
Paul Warns Dems That Branding Trump Racist Is ‘Destroying’ Immigration Deal: LifeZette

The First Uranium One Domino Falls: Imperator_Rex
Clinton lawyer kept Russian dossier project closely held: Michael Kranish
GOP Senator at Haiti Meeting Backs Trump; Says Sen. Durbin is Full of Sh*t: TruePundit

Democrats Need Illegal Aliens Like Junkies Need Heroin: BattleSwarm
Trump's Nightmare: Mike Allen
Application Of The Definition Of Machinegun To “Bumpfire” Stocks: Herschel Smith

The Missing Democratic Agenda: Matthew Continetti
Trump repairs GOP relationships ahead of 2018 midterm battle: Sarah Westwood
John Lewis prefers government shutdown than unresolved DACA "fix": Sean Higgins


Illinois, New Jersey, and New York Are Top States For Outbound Moves in 2017: Ali Meyer
Report; Google keeps “black lists” of white, conservative employees to deny promotions: DCCL
Watch Out, Bitcoin Investors: The IRS Wants Its Share of Your Profits: FoxBiz

Scandal Central

It was a Setup: Dan Bongino on Fox News
Shrinks present latest plot to remove Trump from office: John Ruberry
FBI, DOJ Argue for Dismissal of Suit About Garland, Texas Attack: Todd Shepherd


Pew: US media bias ranks worst in the world: Paul Bedard
S***hole or Not S***hole: John Hinderaker
Daily Beast Reporter Resigns After Blatantly Plagiarizing Article: Peter Hasson


Begging To Be Blackmailed: Benjamin Weingarten
Yemen: Bahai sentenced to death for “insulting Islam” and “apostasy”: Robert Spencer
American DID get peanuts for UK embassy like Trump said: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Milky Way ate 11 other galaxies: Louise Lerner-Chicago
Blockchain for Dummies, sorry, for Idiots.: NewsBTC
The 2019 Mercedes G-Class looks vintage but has a killer voice assistant: Zac Estrada


Whether you follow #QAnon or not, you might find this thread helpful: Praying Medic
Next Week Will Be a Fast-Moving One...: TheLastRefuge
The Shallow Man: Paul Mirengoff

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commoncents said...

On this MLK Day reminder. . . Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican

Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is watching video of personal accountings. When a person's eyes look left it is recounting a narrative, a fabrication. When the eyes look right the person speaks the truth as they saw it. Test it for yourself. There are a number of Hollywood men whose accusers are relying on stories rather than actual experience. These women must be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.