Thursday, January 04, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Context of Devin Nunes Requests: Obama’s 2016 DOJ/FBI Spying Operation

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The Context of Nunes Requests: Obama’s DOJ/FBI Spying Operation: Treehouse
Comey's Leaks: Sen. Chuck Grassley
Nunes Confirms: DOJ To Provide “All Requested Information”: Treehouse

Beating a Hasty Retreat from the Steele Dossier: Andrew C. McCarthy
Looks Like Democrats Just Endorsed The Violent Far-Left Antifa Group: Amber Athey
Keith Ellison Donor: ‘Israelis Have to be Bombed’: Brent Scher

Study: Nearly 1 of 4 DACA Illegal Aliens Are 'Functionally Illiterate' in English: John Binder
US judge: release detained Iraqis waiting deportation over criminal convictions: Fox
Civil War: The Z Man

Paul Manafort Sues Special Counsel Mueller, Deputy AG Rosenstein: John Sexton
Devin Nunes May Interview Robert Mueller Over Clinton-Uranium One Scandal : GWP
Is Hell Frozen? House Democrat Has Praise for Trump: Kathryn Blackhurst

‘Mapping The Swamp’ Report Shows It’s Even Bigger, Costlier Than You Think: Mark Tapscott
Former GOP rep Jason Chaffetz on Fox: The deep state 'is very real': Joe Concha
Trump shuts down vote fraud board rather than have "endless legal battles at taxpayer expense": Ariella Phillips


Boom: 40 companies give Trump tax reform bonuses, up to $2,000: Paul Bedard
U.S. Manufacturing Just Posted Best Year Since 2004: Mike LaChance
The abandoned homes of Detroit's Delray neighborhood: Marathon

Scandal Central

American Cartel: Billionaire Family Behind Oxy Seems to Spend Zero Helping Addicts: Ethan Barton
FBI Knew Clinton IT Guy Lied In Email Testimony, Gave Him Immunity: John Sexton
Democrats Prepare To Prolong Leaky House Russia Probe: Peter Hasson

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Trump’s EPA Has Cleaned Up Seven Of The Most Toxic Sites In The US: Tim Pearce
How Los Angeles Socialized Recycling… And Ruined It: Jazz Shaw
Storm slaps coastal South with most snow in nearly 3 decades: Ross Bynum


How Trump Really Beat the Media: Daniel Greenfield
Bannon loses support of pro-Trump billionaire backer over media fights: John Bowden
Emergency crews respond to fire at Bill and Hillary Clinton's upstate New York property: Naomi Lim

Donald Trump Furious: Steve Bannon ‘Not Only Lost His Job, He Lost His Mind’: Charlie Spiering
Levin: Barack Obama ‘Should Have Been Impeached,’ But Media Guns Aimed at Trump: Michael Morris
10 Times The Hill Misled Readers: Pacific

NY Times: It’s So Cold Because You Drove A Fossil Fueled Vehicle: William Teach
Forget Food Deserts; Now Liberals Fret About Food Swamps: Dave Blount
WikiLeaks Pushes Damning Evidence About Collusion Between Clinton, NY Times: Caroline Lee Smith


'Death to Dictator': Fearless Iranian Women Protest the Regime: Bridget Johnson
Iran's IRGC Commander Blames Hillary Clinton for Creating 'Riot and Anarchy' Protests: Bridget Johnson
Are Iranians Really Protesting Against Islam?: Raymond Ibrahim

Remember I told you that I thought the Lebanese government had defeated Hezbollah?: Thomas Wictor
Secret Doc Shows China Promising to Give Nukes to North Korea: Mark Tapscott
The shallow, failed forecasters of Project Fear: John Redwood MP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Find Alzheimer’s Treatment While Trying To Cure Diabetes: CBS New York
Twitter Suspends Ex-Muslim Cartoonist, Allows Hamas and Hezbollah: Daniel Greenfield
Panic After Oregon Allows Self-Serve Gas Stations in Some Areas: Dave Blount


Al Franken's Touching Departure: Ann Coulter
From Racist Svengali To Media Superhero: It’s Called “Transitioning”: MOTUS
New York City owns a creepy island that almost no one is allowed to visit — here's what it's like: Dave Mosher

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QOTD: " get a FISA warrant to surveil an American citizen, the government has to show the FISA court probable cause that the citizen is engaged in clandestine activities on behalf of a foreign power (here, Russia), which activities may involve violations of federal criminal law. If the FBI had such information about [Carter] Page, it certainly did not get that information from Papadopoulos — that’s clear from the Statement of the Offense filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller when Papadopoulos pled guilty a few weeks ago.

To date, the only source we know of for such allegations against Page is the dossier. And at present, there is no basis to believe such allegations were ever verified by the FBI (wholly apart from the fact that they are highly unlikely on their face, and that Page has both vigorously denied them and filed a libel suit over them). In light of the significant questions that have been raised about the Obama Justice Department’s use of the dossier, it is understandable that the Fusion GPS founders who produced the dossier would want to downplay its significance in triggering the FBI’s Russia investigation. But that was not the tune they were playing at the time the FBI’s investigation was actually triggered. Back then, they couldn’t say enough about the Trump treachery Steele had purportedly uncovered, and with Election Day fast approaching, they wanted that story told far and wide." --Andrew C. McCarthy

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