Sunday, January 28, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Dueling House Intelligence memos could be released as early as next week

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Dueling House Intelligence memos could be released as early as next week: Kelly Cohen
Justice Department withholds majority of FBI texts: Byron York
FBI's Secret, Anti-American Society: Douglas V. Gibbs

Justice Department withholds majority of FBI texts: Byron York
This Former Obama DOJ Lawyer Says Trump Won’t Get Indicted: Rusty Weiss
Wynn resigns as RNC finance chair amid reports of sexual misconduct: Fox

Trump broke with Justice Dept, called for release of memo: report: John Bowden
The Schumer Shutdown, ‘Dreamers,’ 2 Marches, and California’s Tax Grab: Ken McIntyre
The Art of the Choke: Mark Krikorian

This Civil War - My South Carolina Tea Party Convention Speech: Daniel Greenfield
President Coach: The Z Man
Koch brothers pledge $400 million for Republicans in midterm elections: David M. Drucker

Who, Whom? — Population Replacement Edition: WRSA
Ginsburg will not attend Trump’s first State of the Union: TruePundit
Culture of Hate: Instapundit


Did Bureau of Economic Analysis Sandbag Report on 4th Qtr U.S. GDP?: CTH
Visualizing Real Inflation - A Decade Of Grocery Prices For 30 Common Items: ZH
Seattle Tax Killing local Business so Let’s Make it Statewide!: DTG

Scandal Central

Investigate Obama’s and Kerry’s Unlawful Deals with Iran: Rachel Ehrenfeld
Senators Press Podesta And Other Democrats About Dossier-Related Contacts: Chuck Ross
Texts: Comey Chief Of Staff “Clearly” Believed McCabe Should Be Recused From Clinton Probe: GotNews


What Is Fake News?: Andrew Klavan
CNN Still Hasn’t Corrected False Story On James Comey’s Classified Memo Leaks: Sean Davis
CNN’s Acosta Calls Davos Head ‘Pitiful’ for Acknowledging Media Bias Against Trump: MenRec

Trump should give Mueller an hour: Don Surber
Oops: Corney O'Brien
The Follower Factory: NYT


Dear Hypocritical World #NeverForget #InternationalHolocaustDay: Kay Wilson
POTUS Wins 'Medal of Life' From Human Rights Group (Media Blacks It Out): Humberto Fontova
How the Trump Turnaround Took Davos by Storm By Putting America First: Lawrence Kudlow

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Hacked — With Death Threat to President Trump!: Jim Hoft
Meet the newest bartenders at Hard Rock Casino -- they're robots: Nola
Smart cities must do more to deliver value for citizens: Damien D’Souza


Hillary Clinton Thanks Activist Bitches: Stuart Schneiderman
The abandoned homes of Detroit's Grand Meyer neighborhood: Marathon
Sundance 2018: “Awful and Boring”: MOTUS

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Anonymous said...

You know, I read that this morning in Deut. 32, 'God divides to Nations their inheritance, and sets bounds for people, He separated Adam's sons'. Interestingly, Jesus told His disciples to take the Gospel to every Nation, only that message transcends all National boundaries.