Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: If FISA abuse is not dealt with harshly, our system of government is at risk

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If FISA abuse is not dealt with harshly, our system of government is at risk: Stealth Jeff
House Intel Committee Votes To #ReleaseTheMemo — And Investigate DOJ?: Hot Air
Report: Strzok-Page Texts Reveal Race To Find Hard Drive, Destroy Evidence: GWP

McCabe Resigns After FBI Director Wray Reviews House FISA Abuse Memo: Sara Carter
New FBI texts divide Congress over need for second special counsel: Susan Ferrechio
Hillary Clinton: President of Women: Jim Treacher

Desperation Time As Democrats Seek to Stop Trump From Succeeding: Kurt Schlichter
Trump Guests for SOTU Includes Parents of Children Murdered by MS-13: Melanie Arter
NLRB Employees Object to Admin’s Cost-Cutting Measures: Bill McMorris

Rod Rosenstein Is Shirking His Duty to Supervise Robert Mueller : Andrew C. McCarthy
On Disinformation and the Dossier: EmptyWheel
Andrew McCabe’s Pension Is Worth About $1.8 Million: Elizabeth Harrinton


As Democrats Cave, More Obamacare Taxes Put on Ice: David Catron
Sorry, skeptics, Trump’s tax plan is actually working wonders: Michael Goodwin
Exxon Mobil announces $35 billion in new US investments over 5 years, citing tax reform: CNBC

Scandal Central

FBI's McCabe, now stepping down, suspected in leak against White House: Howard Kurtz
Did Barack Obama ‘Obstruct Justice’ in Clinton Email Case?: Justin Haskins
Details Surface of Senator Grassley’s Criminal Referral: CTH


Jake Tapper Has Furrowed-Brow Interview With Matt Gaetz: CTH
Rep. Lee Zeldin Shreds Adam Schiff’s Disingenuous Press Conference: CTH
The 9 biggest things to watch in Trump's first State of the Union: Sarah Westwood

Obama's Meeting with Farrakhan: Daniel Greenfield
CNN ‘Goes Bananas’ With New Ad: Shifra
Facebook Changes How Conservative Sites Appear in Feeds --- Here’s How To Fix It: TPI

Woke Grammys See 20% Ratings Crash, Possible 'All-Time Low': Jerome Hudson
The Grammy Hall of Lame: Mark Steyn
Sanders Backs Out of Interview After Newspaper Refused Conditions to Restrict Questions: Alex Griswold


Pentagon: China, Russia Soon Capable of Destroying U.S. Satellites: Bill Gertz
Venezuelans 'loot to eat' amid economic tailspin: ABC
U.S. Releases ‘Oligarchs List’ of Putin Allies: Beast

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Elon Musk sells 10,000 flamethrowers in 48 hours: Timothy B. Lee
$500m cryptocoin heist could be biggest cybertheft ever: Sophos
Locating Secret Military Bases via Fitness Data: Schneier


Who's In Charge: The Z Man
I Lie Because You Can’t Handle The Truth: MOTUS
Surfer rides a wave 115 feet tall: Jason Kottke

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Matthew W said...

" FBI must perform at the highest standards"
Well shit, little late for that now !

Anonymous said...

Jim Hoft is onto something here, I think.

I've been suspicious of him for a while, and now the above link shows I had ample reason to be.

commoncents said...

Watch Live Stream: President Donald Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address


Anonymous said...

Public hanging in front of FBI Headquarters works fine. In the old days out West they brought lunch and sang hymns.