Sunday, January 14, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Sara Carter and Dan Bongino Discuss Steele Dossier and DOJ/FBI FISA Abuse

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Sara Carter and Dan Bongino Discuss Steele Dossier and DOJ/FBI FISA Abuse: CTH
The current evolving Clinton (and Democrats writ large) defense: TheLastRefuge
Interesting Segment With Shannon Bream: CTH

The Judicial Rebellion: Tom Trinko
Lindsey Graham to Americans: Your Country Belongs to the World: Breitbart
Trump: DACA is 'probably dead' because Democrats won't make a deal: Kyle Feldscher

Undercover Videos Expose Twitter’s Dirty Secrets: Daniel Greenfield
NY Times Rushes To Make Hawaii Missile Alert All About Trump: William Teach
Political Hit Man Lined to Trump Dossier Made Nothing Seem Like Something: PCP

Of Crudeness and Truth: Andrew Klavan
Pandora’s MOAB – President Donald John Trump…: CTH
Dick Durbin Wanted End of 'Chain Migration' in 2010, Term He Now Says is Racist: Breitbart


Beachside Bliss: A Florida Home Built Into a Sand Dune: Lindsay Cohen

Scandal Central

“The Eye of Sauron” George Soros: Rising Serpent
Bundy Morning Quarterbacking: Mark Steyn
Hawaii releases timeline of what transpired after false ballistic missile warning: Daniel Chaitin


Obama rips Fox News viewers: ‘You are living on a different planet’: Brian Flood
Jay Leno: Late-Night Has Become A 'Depressing' Anti-Trump Bashfest: Daily Wire
@AprilDRyan is a racist, as are all other leftists, apparently: Thomas Wictor


New United Nations Boss Unveils Plan To Promote Global Mass Migration: WZ
Germans Tackling Exploding Anti-Semitism?: Khadija Khan
Rumors of the Death of Israel-India Relations Are Greatly Exaggerated: Israelly Cool

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This spectacular video shows what it would be like to fly through the Orion nebula: ScienceAlert
Facebook can track you using dust on your camera lens: Daily Mail
Spellbinding Jellyfish Spotted in Rare Deep Sea Footage: NatGeo


Vegas Gunman Sent Cryptic Email Suggesting He May Have Had Help: ZH
Saturday At Costco: MOTUS
An Example from CBS of Media Bias regarding Concealed Handgun Permits: Crime Research

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