Tuesday, January 02, 2018

THE NOOSE TIGHTENS: Sergei Millian is the link between Putin, Fusion GPS, Clinton and Obama

By Imperator_Rex

1. Sergei Millian is the link between the Kremlin, Fusion GPS, Clinton & Obama. He was one of a number of FSB/SVR agents tasked to make sure Hillary Clinton's Trump-Russia lie prevented Trump's election.

2. Millian, aka Siarhei Kukuts is a key Putin spy & operator. IMO his importance has been neglected. I covered his background and role as George Papadopoulos' handler here:

3. Appointed head of the 'American Russia Chamber of Commerce' in 2006, he would have had access to the highest levels of American power - especially through the Obama years - ESPECIALLY through the 'Russian re-set'.
4. AND through the Uranium One deal, Tenam investigation, as well as during Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. Millian would have met and known all the key US players and served as an intermediary between them and Moscow.
5. As well as with Putin's inside circle. Check out this photo from 2016. That's Millian on the left. Anyone know who is on the right?
My bad: Millian on the RIGHT!
7. See the point? Millian pops up everywhere. Including as a source for the Steele dossier. Now the dim-headed liberal argument is that Manafort & Papadopoulos were key Drumpf-Putin conspirators & that Millian's role proves the connection.
8. Unfortunately for them, it was revealed that the Fusion GPS dossier in which Millian assisted, was conceived and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Millian was the key contacts with the Kremlin - for Fusion GPS, not Trump.
9. The Clinton & Obama Trump-Russia campaign went much further than just the dossier, however. It also involved planting people within the Trump campaign team to entrap Trump & his key people into meetings with Russians.
10. One was George Papadopoulos. You can read my thoughts on his spectacular failure here:

11. The other was Paul Manafort. You can read my thoughts on his efforts here (and read the entire thread if you're interested):

12. Manafort's role was slimy as hell. He BEGGED to join Team Trump, which was operating on a shoe string budget and was understaffed - and did so for no pay. Of course, he wouldn't have needed payment. Either Podesta or Fusion would have been paying him very well.
13. Manafort also deceived Trump. There's no way Trump would have brought him in, if he'd known Manafort was a close associate of Tony Podesta and Oleg Deripaska. Manafort will pay dearly for hoodwinking The Donald, you can be sure of that.
15. Fusion GPS worked with Putin's people very closely. See :

16. What's materializing in front of our eyes is the greatest scandal in American history. Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama were colluding with Vladimir Putin to destroy Donald Trump's campaign.
17. It was in ALL their interests to do so. The perfect alignment of evil, corrupt & powerful criminals. A Trump victory was a 'clear and present danger'. I have no doubt that if they hadn't assumed victory was certain, they would have tried to kill Trump. No doubt at all.
18. Thank God for the blinding arrogance of Clinton & Obama. It ensured Trump's magnificent victory and #MAGA.

It will also GUARANTEE the downfall of #Crooked Hillary, Barack Obama & their cronies.

The end.

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Anonymous said...

So Killary would have gone after Trump to kill him?
Remember the (deceased) FBI Agent found in Trump Tower with a silenced pistol?


TrickleUpPolitics said...

Remember when the FBI mole in the Uranium One deal had his gag lifted and his name was leaked? He said he was walking in his backyard toward the wooded acreage behind him when a man came out of the woods with a gun in his hand. The mole had his gun out, so the man wordlessly looked at him and left. I believe that was an attempt to shut him up before he could testify to Congress and so did he.

Oldironsides said...

Some interesting stories have been coming out about the passengers killed in that Russian plane crash the other day. One of them is Sergei Millian. The other is the CFO of Rosatom. Here is the dirt and the link.

This Russian Buissnessman Sergei Millian who is a Russian source behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC's paid for Russia/Trump dossier from Fusion GPS used by Obama to get a FISA warrant on Trump goes by another name, that name is Sergey Panchenko. Sergey Panchenko just happens to be one of the dead passengers in today's Russian plane crash that has killed 71 people.

Also dead in this plane crash is Ivanov Vyacheslav the CFO of Rosatom who is involved in Hillary's Uranium One deal with Russia back in 2009 under Barack Obama. So it looks like this is officially a kill by the Hillary team/Deep State to cover tracks, but it's already figured out...As the Russian source behind the fake Trump dossier who worked with Christopher Steele and Hillary Clinton to smear Trump is dead, and also the CFO of Rosatom also being killed in this plane crash in Russia today that left 71 dead.