Thursday, April 04, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Dems Have Vastly More to Fear from Full Mueller Report than GOP

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Donald Trump Border Wall Construction Company T-Shirt
Dems Have Vastly More to Fear from Full Mueller Report than GOP: Roger L. Simon
His Boss Says Strzok’s Affair Made Him Vulnerable To Foreign Spies: Chuck Ross
Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes Discuss Politicization of Mueller Report: CTH

Team Mueller and the Predictable “Leak Campaign”: CTH
Rudy Giuliani Discusses Democrat Desperate Effort to Weaponize Mueller Report: CTH
House Judiciary Committee Move Forward With Subpoena Strategy: CTH

Dereliction of duty: The border crisis is Congress’ fault: Rich Lowry
Cartels Get 90% of Drugs Past Border Patrol in Rio Grande City: Charlotte Cuthbertson
Illegal immigrant arrested on 100+ child sex crime charges in Louisiana: CBS-17

Senate goes nuclear to speed up Trump nominees: Susan Ferrechio
All Waco Biker Cases Dropped: BattleSwarm
An Open Letter to Rep. Adam Schiff: Rabbi Michael Barclay


Blue Collar MAGAnomics – Pittsburgh Area Unemployment Rate Lowest in 45 Years: CTH
Truckers gridlocked at U.S.-Mexico line as border agents moved: Reuters
Rose (D-NY) Trashes ‘Socialist ‘Green New Deal, Dares Cortez to Primary Him: David Rutz

Scandal Central

What Real Collusion Looks Like: John Solomon
Giving Up On Huber: Barbara Boland
Comey says he fears possible counterinvestigation after Mueller report: Rebecca Morin

FBI Refuses Records Requests For Emails To CNN On Day Of Roger Stone Raid: Sean Davis
Direct Message Engineer Explains How Twitter Filters Ideas: James O'Keefe
Cortez Violated Campaign Finance Laws With PAC Scheme, FEC Complaint Alleges: Petr Svab


Fascist House Democrats Want 'Oversight' over Fox News' Editorial Decisions: Joel B. Pollak
Valerie Jarrett: Obama White House Was Too "Macho," "Causing Women to Feel Uncomfortable": Ace
Kudos to the New York Times for "Tactile Politics": @IowaHawkBlog

Trump's support among Hispanics and Latinos is real: WaPo
Panic as another news outlet announces it’s cutting a third of staff amid widespread media layoffs: Vivek Saxena
Tucker Carlson Beats Everyone Combined at CNN in the Night Ratings: TPI


Russia's Military Must Leave Venezuela Immediately: Jiri Valenta
Hunt for gang who ransacked knife amnesty bin Claire Gilbody-Dickerson: Claire Gilbody-Dickerson
From New Zealand: “Like A Ferrari, You Don’t Need Those Weapons Of War”: Herschel Smith

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why 5G Makes Me Reconsider the Health Effects of Cell Phones: WIRED
Global Internet Moves Toward Regulation and Balkanized Censorship: Joshua Philipp
Are wireless earbuds dangerous? 250 scientists warn they may be: DailyMail


The Origins of Political Correctness: Bill Lind (2000)
'Believe All Women' Movement Publishes Extensive List Of Exceptions: Babylon Bee
Palo Alto woman loses job after confronting MAGA-hat-wearing Starbucks customer: Eric Ting

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