Saturday, April 06, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: House Democrats go rogue – abusing oversight for impeachment

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House Democrats go rogue – abusing oversight for impeachment: Robert Charles
Think I’ll Do A Little More Angry: Liberty's Torch
Jordan Peterson: Students' Ignorance of Socialism Risks “Absolute Catastrophe”: Summit

The Russian collusion hoax meets unbelievable end: Rep. Devin Nunes
Devin Nunes Op-Ed Reflects Intelligence Dance to Thread a Needle: CTH
Nunes Issuing up to two dozen Criminal Referrals: Bongino

Bernie Sanders: I’ll Get Around To Releasing My Tax Returns... Someday: Karen Townsend
Estupida-Cortez Panders to Blacks with Phony Accent: Mark Pantano
Swalwell running for White House on gun control: report: Michael Burke

House Democrats hide gun control measures in Violence Against Women Act: Nate Madden
Sheriff on gun law: I'll go to jail to protect the Constitution: Steven Reams
President Trump Visits Newly Constructed Border Security Barriers: CTH


New Labor Dept. rule great for workers, great for employers, bad for Obama: Olivia Grady
Hiring speeds up as U.S. economy adds 196,000 jobs in March: Jeffry Bartash
NEC Director Kudlow on Jobs Report, Economy, Fed, and U.S-China Trade Discussions: CTH

Scandal Central

Note to Team Mueller: If you don't indict, you can't incite: John Solomon
Partisan Democrats Mueller recruited don't want to play by time-honored rules: Andrew McCarthy
Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald Discuss Mueller Team “Leak” Motives: CTH

What was Brennan thinking by running with 'bad information' on collusion?: Daniel Hoffman
Cambridge Academic Reflects On Interactions With ‘Spygate’ Figure : Chuck Ross
By Meeting Sharpton, Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Endorse Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny: Jeff Dunetz


George Papadopoulos' wife uses seductive shots to promote husband's pro-Trump book: Daniel Jativa
President Donald Trump 2020 trailer: Common Cents
Washington Post set to cash in selling 'The Mueller Report' for $15: Paul Bedard

Levin Slams Silence of the Media on Democrats Digging Into Fox News Editorial Process: Tim Graham
"Yes adderall is passed around D.C. like candy, and many... journalists also do meth.": Althouse
Dems sound the alarm as the GOP wins a surprise election in Wisconsin: Twitchy


Is South Africa the Next Venezuela?: Brad MacDonald
Barron’s Analysis Corrects the Record on Democratic Socialism: Carrie Sheffield
Populists Win Dutch Elections: Daniel Di Santo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Israeli Spacecraft Enters Lunar Orbit Ahead of Moon Landing: UWI
In Astrophysics Milestone, First Photo Of Black Hole Expected: OAN
Canadian sports “experts” embrace misogynist practices to please trans activists­: Barbara Kay


You know and love @benshapiro. But have you met Ben ShapirBro?: DC
Fascism: It Isn’t What It Used To Be: MOTUS
Border patrol agents have been donating items to migrants, says agent: Hill

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QOTD: "Remember, throughout Mueller’s investigation, he filed indictment after indictment that had no collusion charges – usually just process crimes of misleading investigators, committed long after the purported Trump-Russia conspiracy took place. Yet, Mueller was never content to file the usual, short one-or two-page indictment, alleging that agents were misled. Instead, he would include – either in the indictment itself, or in a “statement of the offense” accompanying the indictment – a long narrative statement that would tantalizingly hint at possible collusion but never come out and claim there was any. (See, e.g., indictments of Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Roger Stone.) Much of this information in these narratives was irrelevant to the relatively trivial process charges that Mueller actually indicted. This practice, however, fueled the collusion narrative for over a year … in the absence of any actual collusion crime.

This is what Democrats want, and it is what some of Mueller’s staffers are anonymously caterwauling about." --Andrew McCarthy

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