Sunday, April 28, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Joe Biden, Obama Officials Colluded With Ukrainian Officials for Personal Gain

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Joe Biden, Obama Officials Colluded With Ukrainian Officials for Personal Gain: Jeff Carlson
Trump Knows Who's Behind the Coup Against Him: EIB
Trump obstructed Dem attempt to overturn 2016 election with a coup: Michael Knowles

Is Michelle Obama the Democratic stealth nominee?: Chriss Street
Joe Biden On Anita Hill In 1998: ‘She Was Lying’: Mollie Hemingway
President Trump Notes DNC Club Support for Sleepy Joe over Crazy Bernie: CTH

‘Jewish hero’ killed in synagogue shooting took bullet to save her rabbi’s life: Lee Brown
Suspect in deadly synagogue shooting near San Diego wrote anti-Semitic manifesto: LAT
San Diego Synagogue Shooting Suspect Posted ‘Open Letter’ Online: Tom Ozimek

More Terror-linked Muslim Groups Hosted by Rashida Tlaib and AOC: Creeping
No scandals? Biden repeats an old Obama whopper: Monica Showalter
Federal Authorities Bust Another Elaborate Cross-Border Fentanyl Shipment: Josh Hammer


Candidates See Land of the Free or of the Freeloader?: Daniel J. Flynn
Kamala Harris calls for a ban on right-to-work laws: Joseph Simonson
Pentagon Awards $976 Million in Border Wall Contracts: Ivan Pentchoukov

Scandal Central

Carter Page on FISA warrants: OAN
Chairman Lindsey Graham Will Not Request Robert Mueller Testimony: CTH
Treasury Dept. Misses Dem Deadline for Trump Tax Returns, Cites ‘Constitutional Concerns’: Bowen Xiao

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Manipulating Science in the Data Age: Robin Burk
Governor Asks Trump To “Intervene” Against Deep State: Jazz Shaw
Trump may waive Jones Act to ship LNG to New England and Puerto Rico: Josh Siegel


New York Times Publishes Brutally Antisemitic Cartoon: CTH
Take Your Words and Shove ‘Em!: Aussie Dave
By its own standards, New York Times deserves blame for Poway synagogue shooting: Thomas Lifson

How bad was that White House Correspondents Dinner Trump refused to attend?: Ethel C. Fenig
Bill Maher Accuses Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of ‘Stalking’ Trump: Daily Beast
Clinton FundraiserArrested On Charges Of Distributing Child Porn – Total Media Blackout: Tim Brown


Canada’s version of Medicare for All executes thousands of patients a year: Thomas Lifson
Modern Architects Want Glass Roof, Steel Spire, Minaret for Notre Dame: Jack Montgomery
NHS doctor and UK pharmacist were Nazi-style torturers for Islamic State: Pamela Geller

Annihilation of Christian Life and People: Where is the Outrage in the West?: Giulio Meotti
Hundreds of Migrants in Southern Mexico Board ‘The Beast’ Heading North: Epoch
Australia: Huge bang and house burns to the ground — just an e-bike battery mishap: JoNova

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Spycraft Revolution: Edward Lucas
Amazon uses Artificial Intelligence to fire warehouse workers: Ken Hanly
Google could be planning to get your smartphone to talk for you: David Nield


A Math-a-Magical Con Game: MOTUS
Charles Barkley sneaked into White House by Jared Kushner for meeting: Steven Nelson
The Biden Factor: Stuart Schneiderman

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