Sunday, April 14, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: "Justice Is Coming"

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The Case for Trump, by Victor Davis Hanson
"Justice Is Coming": Don Surber
Carter Page blames Comey, DNC for spurring death threats against him: Alana Goodman
Day of reckoning is coming for the deep state: Sean Hannity

How a US Member of Congress was Raised by the Red-Green Axis: J. Michael Waller
Video Surfaces Showing Omar Laughing At Americans' Fear After 9/11: Carmine Sabia
Photos Surface Revealing Secret Meeting Between Omar and Erdogan: CFP

Why doesn't Pelosi want more illegal immigrants bused their way?: Nate Madden
Rep. Liz Cheney: Speaker Pelosi Is Not In Control Of Her Caucus: OAN
Pelosi attacks Trump from Germany: he's trying to ‘fan flames’ over 9/11: Alana Goodman

What the hell are they teaching these kids nowadays?: Cold Fury
Millionaire Bernie Sanders Denounces Greedy “Billionaires and Trillionaires”: IMAO
Oh, to work in Nancy Pelosi's vineyard: Charles Hurt


History's Best Recession Predictor Is Flashing Red Again: Ozy
Google, Facebook, Apple outsourcers fight move to strip jobs from H-1B spouses: Ethan Baron
Democrat Politician Visits Cuba to Learn About ‘Economic Development’ and ‘Quality of Life’: Humberto Fontova

Scandal Central

Jay Sekulow: “Three” FISA Applications Were Denied in 2016 and What This Means: CTH
Bill Barr Just Let Us Know the Hunters Are About to Become the Hunted: Joseph DiGenova
Mark Meadows: IG Horowitz Has Interviewed Kortan, Pientka and Three Others: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Plummeting Likelihood Of Hot Weather In The Midwestern US: Real Climate


Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
Austin Smith Kills Family, Media Hides Why: MB
Reuters Propaganda Headline: “Man Arrested After Boy Falls from Balcony”?: CTH
Zero Media Outrage as Democrats, Reporters Spread Fake News: Alex Griswold


Paraguay tells Pompeo: 'We have to combat' Maduro: Joel Gehrke
Babies born out of wedlock abandoned on Saudi streets due to fear of punishment: Ind UK
Power Outages Affecting Ability To Get Water In Venezuela: OAN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Architecture of Self-Hatred: Matthew Omolesky
Game developers help NASA imagine what life in space will look like: Paul Dean
5G networks will change our lives for good — But at what cost?: Tristan Rayner


It’s Okay to Laugh: Andrew Stiles
Bernie: the Perfect Democratic Socialist Candidate: MOTUS
Europe Has A Safe Place Where Terrorism Can't Go...: 90 Miles

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