Saturday, April 20, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: POTUS and Giuliani Point to Lies and Narrative Manipulation in Mueller Report

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
POTUS and Giuliani Point to Lies and Narrative Manipulation in Mueller Report: CTH
Mueller Didn't Just Reject Trump-Russia Collusion. He Obliterated It.: Glenn Greenwald
The Dossier: Robert Mueller’s trickery and dishonesty: Jordan Schachtel

Mark Levin Points Out Highly Political Intention of Mueller Volume II: CTH
Anyone Fretting Over The Real Russian Hacking From The Mueller Report?: NoisyRm
Schiff pivots from collusion ‘evidence’ to Trump’s ‘unpatriotic’ behavior: BPR

Corey Lewandowski Discusses Mueller Report: CTH
Levin: Mueller report shows it was ‘all BS, from top to bottom’: Carmel Kookogey
Mark Levin Blasts ‘Volume II’ Of Mueller Report: ‘It’s A 200-Page Op-Ed!: Virginia Kruta


Trump has legal authority to end judicial amnesty today: Daniel Horowitz
"Sanctuary State" of California: Citizens Live in RVs as Unaffordable Housing: Allan Wall
New Mexico county demands Nat’l Guard help for ‘illegal immigrant crisis’ influx: AMN

Press freedom shrinks? Press shrinks freedom: Don Surber
Warren calls for House to begin impeachment proceedings: The Hill
Swalwell Calls on Barr to Resign: ‘He’s Lost the Credibility of the American People’: Haris Alic


Why Do Most People in This Country Work, while Others Never Will?: K.S. Guardiola
New Site Tracks $1.5 Billion in Public Union Political Spending Over Two Decades: Watchdog
Proposal Would Require Ohio Agencies to Reduce 30 Percent of Regulations: Todd DeFeo -

Scandal Central

Absolute Proof Mueller FBI Investigators Leaked Key Documents to Media: CTH
No, Barr Did Not Just Exonerate Hillary: EIB

Sharyl Attkisson cuts through media-hype to highlight chilling ‘theme’ on Mueller report: Frieda Powers
Mysterious Maltese Professor Mifsud Hid Out for Months in Rome, Helped by Shady University: Debra Heine
Mueller report sparks new DC war over Russia probe: Subpoenas, payback and more: Gregg Re


Oddly Enough, Jake Tapper is Not Lying Here…: CTH
New York Times hits new low with mortifying Notre Dame correction: Post
Norman Podhoretz Is Not Pleased With His Former Colleagues: BattleSwarm

CNN: Mueller Found ‘a Ton of Collusion,’ Only ‘Sophisticated’ People See It: NB
CNN's April Ryan Says Sarah Sanders' Head Should Be "Lopped Off": RS
Mary Katharine Ham’s blunt take on Mueller report leaves CNN panel stunned: Tom Tillison


Evil Medieval Christians or Islam's Victims Retaliating?: Raymond Ibrahim
Greece: A "No-Go" Zone in Athens?: Maria Polizoidou
Castro dictatorship arrests Cuban fathers for homeschooling their children: Alberto de la Cruz

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Remember when climate modelers told us fossil fuels cause longer snow seasons?: JoNova
Genetic Basis of Obesity Carries Weight: Aldevron
Folding Secrets of Protein Unlocked by Artificial Intelligence: Jessica Miley


Is this a joke? This is a joke, isn't it?: Brian Cates
Are “Conspiracy Theories” Tearing Society Apart Or Saving Us From Destruction?: Brandon Smith
Dan Bongino: ‘Now it’s time for the real collusion investigation’: Twitchy

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