Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Solomon tells Mark Levin about the two men who tipped him to #Spygate

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Solomon tells Mark Levin about the two men who tipped him to #Spygate: Nate Madden
The absurd collusion delusion goes up in smoke at last: Conrad Black
Democrats Plan Wednesday Vote to Subpoena Mueller Report: Todd Shepherd

Border Patrol Agent Backs Closing Border, Hopes to ‘Wake Up’ Congress: Madison Dibble
How bad does border have to be for Democrats to admit it's an emergency?: Byron York
As Trump Threatens to Close Border, CBP Surges Agents: Charles Fain Lehman

Beta O’Rourke Endorses Abolishing Electoral College: Haris Alic
Warren’s Fundraising Director Quits: Haris Alic
Pete Buttigieg's father a Marxist professor who lauded Communist Manifesto: Exam

President Trump announces Second Step Act to help ex-prisoners find work: Steven Nelson
Dick Cheney lurks behind scenes as Liz Cheney plots ambitious climb: David M. Drucker
Bloomberg might run for president if Biden doesn’t: Caitlin Yilek


Report: The True Size of the National Debt is... $220 Trillion: Michael Snyder

Scandal Central

Ilhan Omar Investigated Over Alleged Personal Use of Campaign Funds: Joe Schoffstall
Judge rules mystery company battling Mueller grand jury subpoena will not be named yet: Jerry Dunleavy
Baltimore Mayor Takes ‘Indefinite Leave’ as Self-Dealing Scandal Spurs Calls for Resignation: Paul Crookston

Second #MeToo accuser comes forward: 'Joe Biden can't keep his hands to himself': Exam
Mueller the Boy Scout: Ben Stein
Levin: You really think Obama ‘didn’t know anything about what they were doing to Donald Trump?’: Nate Madden


When Anti-Semitism Masquerades as Social Justice: Aaron Kliegman
Did Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Defuse a NYT Bombshell?: Julie Kelly
New York Times Shocked to Discover Pompeo Is a Christian: David Rutz


As NATO ministers gather in Washington, US rift with Turkey widens: Jamie McIntyre
U.S. Eyes New Front to Combat Iran in Golan Heights: Adam Kredo
New Old Government in Algeria: Roger Kaplan

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

On the Trail of the Robocall King: Alex W. Palmer, WIRED
Mark Zuckerberg To Congress: Please Regulate Me And Lock In My Dominant Market Position: Techdirt
BTC Hits $4,800 for the First Time in 2019, Top Crypto Markets See Double Digit Growth: Ana Berman


The Greatest Hollywood Heroine to Never Be: Lou Aguilar
Don’t Be Fooled Again: MOTUS
MAGAzines: Sondrakistan

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