Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Ultimate Betrayal: The Truth About The Invasion of America

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
The Ultimate Betrayal: The Truth About The Invasion of America: Sidney Powell
Nearly 20 Percent of Inmates in Federal Prisons Are Criminal Aliens: Paula Bolyard
ISIS-Inspired Terrorist Plotted to Run Over National Harbor With a U-Haul: Tyler O'Neil

Smart: Rep. Doug Collins Demands Impeachment Hearings, or Call Mueller to Testify: CTH
How Obama Holdover Sally Yates Helped Take Down Michael Flynn: Jason Beale
Was Nellie Ohr’s Research Used To Surveil Trump Campaign?: Margot Cleveland

Eric "Swallows" Swalwell announces 2020 run, delighting dozens: Joshua Caplan
Social Justice Prosecutors: Derrick Wilburn
Reparations: Another Cynical Racial Ploy from the Democrats: Roger L. Simon

Hit the Immigration Issue Hard, Mr. President: EIB
Democrat Priorities on a Collision Course with Socailism: Stacey Lennox
Ignore spin: Trump made brilliant move replacing Nielsen with toughest cop: BPR


Spending now 13.7 percent higher than during Obama’s last year: Daniel Horowitz
Democrats to introduce a bill invalidating all right-to-work laws: Sean Higgins
Stupid Midwesterners Don’t Understand AOC’s Job-Killing Joy: Stephen Green

Scandal Central

Ukrainian to US: Why don't you want evidence on Democrat collusion in 2016?: John Solomon
Top Democrats Colluded with Ukrainians to Interfere with 2016 Election: Matt Margolis
Court Filing Reveals Numerous Comey Memos: CTH


Devin Nunes Announces Lawsuit Against McClatchy News Group: CTH
CNN Journalism Expert: 'Dictator' Trump Is Driving the Poor Fact-Checkers 'to Exhaustion': Tyler O'Neil
Lara Logan: 'I Was Cheering' Ted Koppel's Criticism of Media Bias Against Trump: FNI


Iranian Revolutionary Guard Officially Declared “Foreign Terrorist Organization”: CTH
It Begins: The Police Start To Bully Gun Owners In New Zealand: Herschel Smith
Australian nurse pressured to keep silent about 1942 rape and murder by Japanese: DailyMail

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

4 Reasons Why Big Tech Is Hazardous to Our Lives: Jeff Sanders
Tesla's Sentry Mode has already caught a suspected carjacker: Rachel England
Mathematicians Just Discovered an 'Astonishing' New Way to Multiply Large Numbers: Peter Dockrill


Smallville Actress Allison Mack Pleads Guilty to Being Sex Slave Mistress in NXIVM Case: CTH
Public university to offer course in 'Angry White Male Studies': Alexander James
Utah Passes the Country’s First “Free-Range Parenting Bill”: MOTUS

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